Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who's Your Haddadi? Grizzlies Sign Iranian Big Man

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images


The Memphis Grizzlies signed free-agent center Hamed Haddadi pronounced (ha-MED ha-DAHD-dee), who led all 2008 Olympians in rebounding and blocks, Grizzlies General Manager and Vice President of Basketball Operations Chris Wallace announced today. Per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

So Haddadi will join the internationally flavored frontcourt pairing of Marc Gasol (Spain) and Darko Milicic (Serbia) at the center position this season.

This is a solid signing, even if it will be viewed as Wallace attempting to "catch lightning in a bottle" once more from some of the more pessimistic fans. At the very least, it provides Memphis with another big body to throw out there in case Darko's Achilles injury is more serious than anyone thinks or if either Milicic or Gasol suffer an injury this season. His shotblocking and rebounding skills make him a worthwhile gamble for this young, up-and-coming team.

No word on whether or not he's bringing a camel with him though. I'll keep you updated on that front as information becomes available.

RUMOR: It has come to the attention of the bloggers at 3 Shades of Blue that Hamed Hadadi's contract is multi-year and similiar in nature to a 1st rd draft pick's contract (no idea where in the first round that contract would fit but it probably is somewhere between 20 and 30. This has not been confirmed yet but the source is reliable. It is believed that Ron Tillery will have the details more precise in print very soon.

This makes sense to lock him up for at least 3 years. If he develops at all then the Grizzlies have his Bird Rights. If he doesn't then someone else will gladly take a chance for an inexpensive big man. As has been mentioned on the radio lately, there just aren't a lot of big men around these days.

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Akram said...

Do they have camels in Iran? I thought they're only found in the Gulf countries. But what do I know.

Anonymous said...

They dont have camels in Iran.

Whoever was wrote the article was trying to be funny, but failed horribly.

Anonymous said...

Actually dromedary camels are found in quite a few places. In fact the largest dromedary camel populations live in Somalia, Mauritania, and Sudan, which are all part of Sub-Saharan Africa and not the Middle East. There is even a problem with a large population of feral camels in Australia (around 500,000-700,000 are estimated to roam free in Australia). You can also find them in India, parts of China, and Iran. In Africa and the Middle East the Dromedary camel is the one most likely encountered. It has just one hump. In Central and Eastern Asia the Bactrian camel is the most common, which is the one pictured. It has two humps. According to this Salon Magazine article the Iranian government is even willing to insure camels And here are some pictures of camels in Iran: You will notice that they are Dromedary camels with only one hump, as opposed to the Bactrian camel with two humps that is pictured on the blog post.

MemphisX said...

I am really rooting for this guy to develop. The Grizzlies need a little luck in our franchise. Having a free agent pickup come from nowhere and develop, even if it is only as a capable backup center, would be a great use of resources.

Lee Eric Smith said...

Once again, I'm delighted by the lineups we could put out there . . .

Darko/Marc/Hamed at PF and C. Could really create matchup problems. And I just hope they all can clean the glass. And if they can finish around the basket with Conley/Mayo/Gay driving and dishing . . .

Nice pickup.

Joshua Coleman said...

Yes, they have camels in Iran. Sheesh -- it's like you guys don't think I fact check these things ahead of time. And no, the camel depicted is not indigenous to that region -- which is why I picked it.

As far as kraze94's assessment that my joke wasn't what? He's Iranian, so it is either camel jokes or terrorist jokes. Pictures of camels are amusing to me; terrorists -- not so much.

Once Haddadi gets into town, I'm arranging it so that I can take him to the Memphis Zoo and get a picture of him with the camels there. That'll show you. ;^)

Robs said...

So now the Grizzlies have Haddadi, Gasol, Darko, Warrick, Walker and Arthur? Six guys cannot squeeze into this rotation so who do you all think is on the way out? Walker? Warrick was here pre-Wallace? Darko has been subject to trade rumors, but they will probably get another post player back so that does not change much.

Little Rock said...

Check out these videos:

Thomas Awful said...

oh a camel, i get it, because he's from the middle east! lol!

in all seriousness, i hopes he gels well with Gayo.

Jon Sublet said...

i am super pumped to see haddadi play for the griz.

however, i think that camel joke was foolish and irresponsible. i hope this kinds of jokes don't persist during the season.

go griz!