Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Hottest Free Agent(s) In The Game...Sort Of.

When one thinks of a dominant duo...what comes to mind?

Perhaps this:


Maybe some of you think this:


Perhaps even THIS!


Just kidding.

How many of you said those two fellows from The Nation of Grizzlam? Let's see a show of hands.


Wow. None of you?

Well, you do look too young to have read our site. Perhaps this is Michael Jackson's living room.

The fact is, we were a Memphis Grizzlies related sports blog that touched on trades, signings, and information surrounding our team, with a bit of an Onion-like satirical point of view. We were not, and still are not, averse to questioning the team (or ownership, advertising department, etc.) when need be. Thankfully, our readers demanded that we be back up and blogging, and 3 Shades of Blue were more than willing to pick us up. Thankfully so, because I personally was about fifteen minutes away from begging for a blogspot alongside the homeless "Katrina-men" down on the corner of Beale.

Peace from the Southeast.



Akram said...

So exactly how many consistent bloggers are we going to be reading from?

Zac said...

To my knowledge Akram, there is me, Chip, Josh (Spartacus), East Memphis Bob, ZacK, Kirk, and a few others. Due to schedules, I am not sure when each posts. Im sure there will be plenty of Grizzlies-NBA related information for you and many others to read.

Joshua Coleman said...

Consistent? How consistent are we talking about?

Chip and myself will likely be the most consistent writers still, but you should see regular posts from Memphis X, Zack, Lee, Kirk, Zac and Matt throughout the season, as well as the fantastic Power Rankings tables from Carl.

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