Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Grizzlamist Assimilated

hello all...HPTMatt here, and I'll proudly count myself among the "miscreants" (I've never been called that before now, and I'm somehow honored that I made it to 39 years of age before being called such...but I'm just as honored to be called it finally...) picked up from the WAAAYYY cheap end of the FA pool from the dispersal/dissolution/whatever of NoG. "Cheap end" as in "Casey Jacobsen got signed before I did".

My posting might be somewhat irregular (yep, there's two meanings there), as my wife and I are currently awaiting the arrival of our newest little Grizzlies freak/fan :). His arrival will likely curtail my game attendance somewhat, but I'd be willing to make a wager that some of his first words will be "NBA League Pass". :) And as long as the spitting up on the laptop doesn't get too out of control, I should be able to come around and run my mouth/keyboard a bit.

I've been looking around to see who I think has really done well or poorly this offseason, and I'll post some comments over the next little bit about which teams/individuals have helped or hurt themselves in that regard.

Just for a quick thought-the Celtics really should have done more to retain the new reigning Forrest Gump of NBA champions (Robert Horry v.2??), AKA James Posey. That's gonna hurt them more than Doc & Danny might think, I'm inclined to believe.

More importantly, will Posey drop Peja like a sack of European potatoes in practice?

We shall see.

Thanks again for the invitation from the original 3SoB cats-should be a fun season.

BallHype: hype it up!

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