Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Blood

For those of you longing for the return of Nation of Grizzlam.......sorry, it ain't happening. :(

For those of you longing to hear more from the miscreants that made up NoG.......they're back. :)
3 Shades of Blue used up their salary cap space to sign most of those hoodlums and troublemakers, because quite frankly, we have no concern about our team chemistry and don't think we'll be around long enough for a 3 Year Plan. We also signed a top level free agent named Lee Eric Smith who did some freelance work for us while ignoring his more important classwork in college this past season. We're a bad influence like that.

That means that you don't have to listen to Chip and myself spout out the same opinion day after day after day any longer. In other words, the terrorists have officially won.

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David Jones said...

I worry that the decreased competition resulting from the recent consolidation taking place in the Memphis Grizzlies fan blog marketplace will stifle innovation.

In the interest of preventing any FTC investigation into a 3SOB monopoly, I commit to maintaining my independence of the 3SOB hegemony at the inferior fan blog:

Zac said...

Fight the power, David.

Down with capitalism!

Chip Crain said...

David - You have an excellent blog and I understand your reasons for remaining independant. We still look forward to reading your blogs.

David Jones said...

Thank you for your kind words. The feeling is mutual.

Blogger said...

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