Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chatting with the Enemy- Brian Windhorst

Brian Windhorst writes for the Akron Beacon Journal and has a well-respected blog about the Cavs on Ohio.com as well. He's sort of the Chris Herrington of Cleveland which means he provides insight into the team that most people don't catch except he doesn't review movies and writes more than once a month (we miss you Chris).

I was able to track him down by phone in the Atlanta Airport on the way to Memphis for tonight's game (he didn't know that he needed a restraining order) and talked for a few minutes about the Cavs and Mike Brown's new contract. Here is some of the comments I got down on paper.

3SoB: Brian, it is nice of you to take some time to talk to us. What do you think of the Cavs season so far?
Brian: The Cavs have had a false start of the season. It began with the Varejao and Pavlovic holdouts. Then LeBron and Hughes were both injured and the Cavs played the most difficult schedule to start the season. The team really lost the momentum they had coming out of the playoffs last year. The team has played well since.

3SoB: What about Varejao and Pavlovic. How are they doing after their summer of discontent?
Brian: Sasha isn't playing well. He doesn't have any confidence. He came back from his holdout out of shape and although he is in shape no he doesn't have any confidence. Frankly, the Cavs have the worst back court in the NBA. Sasha is shooting like 33% from the field and Hughes is about the same.

3SoB: Mike Brown just got a new contract and that raised some eyebrows around Cleveland and the league. Do you think it was a good idea to re-sign him now or not?
Brian: A lot of people don't think Mike is a good coach. They say that because he has LeBron as if they win despite him. Every great coach has had a great player. Phil Jackson wouldn't be thought of the way he is if not for great players. Pat Riley is the same. Fans look at Mike and only see his shortcomings. He did a great job against Detroit in the playoffs last year and that is when the team decided to re-sign him. It just took a while to get it done. It's hard to find great coaches and when you have one you need to keep him.

3SoB: There have been rumors that Memphis and Cleveland have talked about a trade for Damon. Do you believe there is any truth there?
Brian: Cleveland has no interest in Damon. They don't want small guards. Memphis approached Cleveland this summer about a sign and trade for Pavlovic but Cleveland wasn't interested.

3SoB: What is most remarkable about the Cleveland season so far?
Brian: Cleveland has 11 come from behind in the 4th quarter wins this season. They have trailed entering the 4th quarter something like 27 times. Obviously LeBron has something to do with that. He is big enough to drive the lane, can pass and hit the big shot. I don't know if Rudy Gay is big enough to drive into the paint like LeBron.

3SoB: What do you think of the Grizzlies so far?
Brian: I am disappointed in the team. I felt that coming out of the summer that they had some real strong young guards and the team would be more competitive. This team has to address some issues. I haven't really followed them that closely but from what I have seen it isn't good.

3SoB: I can't argue with that. Any predictions for tonight's game?
Brian: I can safely predict the Cavs will be losing heading into the fourth quarter.

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