Friday, February 1, 2008

Swift for Collins Almost Done?

A New Jersey Paper is reporting that a Stromile Swift for Jason Collins trade could be finalized as early as today or this weekend.

They (the Nets) are set to acquire athletic 6-foot-10 forward Stromile Swift from the Memphis Grizzlies for Jason Collins, league sources said. The deal was being worked on Thursday night and could be finalized today or sometime over the weekend.

This follows numerous reports yesterday where Ron Tillery, Yahoo, CBSsports, and Chris Vernon all mentioned the possible trade of Swift for Collins.

Collins and Swift have nearly identical contracts, both expire next year, with the big difference being that Stro has a player option for next year. This comes after Stro was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. He may be getting traded for locker room/chemistry reasons.

Also, check out the Chris Vernon post, where he says that some big changes could be coming for the Grizzlies (firesale?!?), and that a less than desirable Pau Gasol trade could be done where expiring contracts (like Kwame Brown) would be coming to Memphis. The purpose of such a firesale could revolve around Heisley looking to sell the team, possibly by the summer.

Kwame and Darko on the same team can't be good for baskeball karma, can it?


ChipC3 said...

I'm on my knees Chris Wallace, please don't trade Stro for Collins unless you have a 2nd deal finalized that sends him out of here fast!

Anonymous said...

maybe grizz should trade pau for kwame and keep stro. then our front court can be the laughing stock of the nba.

ChipC3 said...

Like it won't with Darko, Collins and Jacobsen? At least we will have two Stanford players. Moving Cardinal in at PF and Collins to center is a possibility too.

We won't be good but we will be smart!

Anonymous said...

Folks check out this link. ESPN TrueHoop's Henry Abbott explains the potential of a trade with the Lakers. It seems by far to be the best scenario I've heard for the Griz--period!