Friday, February 1, 2008

Five Bags of Magic Beans for Pau Gasol

In my article earlier this week, I once again called for the need to trade Pau Gasol. However, one of our great readers (hooba) called my attention to the lack of continuity between my trade of the week and the idea suggested in the article. Although the two were not meant to be related, I do understand the confusion. For clarity's sake, I am now going to give suggestions on what type of trades I was referring to in the article. Here are my Five Bags of Magic Beans for Pau Gasol:
1. The first deal is a three way trade that has some nuggets that have been in the news.
Pau Gasol to Philadelphia

Andre Miller to Cleveland
Ira Newble, Donyell Marshall, Thaddeus Young, Jason Smith, and Cleveland's 2008 1st rounder to Memphis
Now everyone knows the Cleveland is in desperate need of a point guard and although Andre Miller does not shoot like Mike Bibby, his contract is a lot more attractive. Philadelphia has already expressed a need to get some post scoring next to Dalembert and Sam along with bulky Reggie Evans would be good compliments to Gasol. For Memphis, we get to clear some capspace over the next two seasons but more importantly we add three young peices to Rudy Gay, Mike Conley and Darko. Thad and Rudy are very similar and both have the length, athleticism and quickness to play the forward positions next to each other. Jason Smith gives us a good mobile big off the bench capable of backing up Darko and playing alongside him. The 1st round pick is gravy.
2. Supposedly Billy Knight is still enamored with his first draft coup and would like him in Atlanta.
Pau Gasol to Atlanta
Marvin Williams, Tyronn Lue, Lorenzen Wright and a 2010 Lottery protected pick to Memphis
This move gives the Hawks a 7 foot post option to push them into the Eastern conference playoffs while keeping Joe Johnson, Josh Smith and Al Horford. Gives them one of the best and most versatile frontlines in the NBA. Memphis gets immediate cap relief without the need to make a decision on Williams until next offseason if we want. Williams adds more athleticism to the starting lineup and a good midrange game.
3. This one is the Sam Smith special.
Pau Gasol and Brian Cardinal to Chicago
Tyrus Thomas, Joe Smith, Chris Duhon, Viktor Khryapa, Adrian Griffin, JamesOn Curry, 2008 Lottery protected 1st rounder and enough cash to buyout Griffin to Memphis.
The Chicago Bulls finally get their post option and without having to give up anyone in their core. They have to swallow Brian Cardinal like it is Fear Factor but they have the cash reserves to do it. Memphis gets an athletic power forward wrapped in potential and a veteran power forward to hold them until potential is reached. The draft pick should be middle of the draft and could hold value. Everything else if filler.
4. Oh well we have all heard the New Jewrsey chatter. Why settle for Stro when you can get a player that can actually remember your plays.
Pau Gasol to New Jersey
Sean Williams, Bostjan Nachbar, Jason Collins, Malik Allen, Darrell Armstrong, 2008 1st rounder and $3 million cash to Memphis.
Ok, this offer is more like a little charity to New Jersey. However, the Grizzlies do get a young, active big that likes to block shots and rebound. Playing at a fast pace, he would erase a lot of mistakes and start(and finish) a lot of fast breaks. For New Jersey, this is a last ditch effort to cash in on Jason Kidd and also gives me the chance to laugh at the prospect of watching Pau and Vince whimper and whine together for four years.
5. Outside the box?
Pau Gasol to Toronto
Adrea Bargnani, Rasho Nestorivic, Juan Dixon and a 2008 1st round pick to Memphis.
Now all of these deals would probably be met with doom and gloom in Memphis. However, all of the deals allow the Chris Wallace to retool the roster with players that fit Coach Iavaroni's system. None are ideal and none give the undefined "fair value" but all of them have the potential to look real good for Memphis in two years. At this point, fair value aroung the league and fair value in the eyes of Grizz fans are probably not alligned.


Brad Mc said...

The latest rumor is Pau for Kwame Brown. That's going to leave a lot of people pissed off. It seems like the Grizzlies only concern is cost cutting. Kwame has an expiring contract so that fits the bill. Personally, I've given up on the Griz, but they better not trade Pau if they don't get someone young to build around. They already muffed the whole Damon Stoudamire situation. I know Chris Wallace said buying out his contract was best for both sides, but I don't believe him. It wasn't even a complete buyout. The Grizzlies still have to pay part of his salary next year so they didn't open up any cap room for this offseason. They could've held off and someone would've traded for him because someone would've been desperate for a backup closer to the trade deadline. Besides, who cares what's best for Damon, after all, he's the one who demanded he leave Memphis. The Grizzlies are headed out of Memphis. I've been saying for a couple years now that they are gone as soon as their contract with the Forum is up. They've alienated FedEx, the local ownership group, the fans, and Heisley lost $40 million last year and is on pace to lose at least $20 million this year.

Thanks for letting me vent!

Robs said...

Kwame Brown? Sounds familiar.... Oh yeah, I sent you guys an email 2 or 3 weeks ago talking about a Kwame Brown/Chris Mihm trade for Pau. Now I'm all for it as long as we can sign someone, but if word gets around that the Memphis Grizzlies are just letting this team go (money wise) in order to sell it then no one will want to sign here. So maybe we should go back to the drawing board and talk this thing out a little more.

ChipC3 said...

"The Grizzlies still have to pay part of his salary next year so they didn't open up any cap room for this offseason."

It hasn't been announced what the buyout amount was for Damon but I can assure you it won't involve $4,650,000 on next season's salary cap figure.

Chris Wallace said on the Chris Vernon show Thursday that if you want to know the figure you can find it on the internet. Well since 3 Shades of Blue is the only place to find an exact figure on what would be an appropriate buyout number that I have found I would reference that story (

"They could've held off and someone would've traded for him because someone would've been desperate for a backup closer to the trade deadline."
I doubt they were being offered any expiring contracts and by buying out Damon the team maintains goodwill with the players. Any potential FA's have to see what we have done with previous FA's and be impressed.

Thanks as always for your comments.

Brad Mc said...

Yeah, I heard Chris Wallace. Vernon asked him if it was more than 50% of his contract and he said no. Then he went on to say that it didn't open up enough cap room to make a difference.

I bet the Spurs would've made us a worthwhile offer about now. They need another PG and Damon apparently makes sense....

Forget goodwill! Maybe it's a good think I'm not a GM. If someone demanded a trade or to be released, I would get them out as soon as possible. I wouldn't care about them bad-mouthing me to other players. I see where you're coming from and it makes sense, but it's going to take a heckuva lot more than than the way we've handled previous free agents to attract other FA's to Memphis. Agree?

Thanks for the insight though!

ChipC3 said...

Well it will take more than goodwill that's for sure. It will take money as well. The problem I have with people screaming about just trade Damon is we don't know the other side of the deal. What if teams offered us players with longer contracts who weren't going to help us? That's all I would offer Memphis knowing that the worst case scenario is they buy him out and I have to go into the open market to get him.

Everyone assumes we had a sweetheart deal and turned it down. It is more likely we had bad deals and turned those down but spun it to sound like we did Damon a favor.

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