Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stromile Swift Suspended

The report from Ron Tillery via The Memphis Edge:

The Grizzlies are practicing right now and Stromile Swift is said to not be participating because of a team-imposed suspension. Conduct detrimental to the team may be the official reason given because Swift and head coach Marc Iavaroni exchanged words on the bench during the Grizzlies’ loss Monday to the Dallas Mavericks.

Swift stood, leaning over Iavaroni, apparently trying to make his point during the disagreement. Assistant coach Johnny Davis eventually intervened before Swift strolled to the end of the bench. It is not known how long the suspension is for or whether it will hold up before the Griz return to action Wednesday against the Denver Nuggets.

Albeit a player who never fully reached his potential, Swift has never been a knucklehead. So this is clearly a surprise turn of events in what has been a disappointing season for the Griz.

Conduct detrimental to the team huh? Granted, that is a catch-all term, but sounds like Stro finally woke up from his season-long nap to do something dumb. Just what this team needs right now -- dissension and drama.

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Go Grizzlies said...

Let's see we were being blown out by Dallas by over 20 points, and Stro is put in for 1:45 and is taken out....can you blame the guy for being upset...I can't

zack said...

stro, consider this your warning that if you pick up that player option on your contract, next year will not be pleasant....


on another note, if Pau, Damon and Stro are all gone next year, how will Tillery ever get any information? Those 3 have been his bread and butter for print-ready quotes for the last 2 or 3 years...


MemphisX said...

Anyone else worried that Stro thinks he knows more than our coach?

ChipC3 said...

It always worries me when Stro thinks!

Nice to see Stro is getting his 'lift' back!

CarlCR said...

Hey, Hey!!

Could this mean that Stro is finally wanting to play and to try harder?

Could it be that he is upset because he isn't playing enough?

If that is true and it translated into playing harder longer, it could be the wake-up call that he needs.

That should be good for the Grizzlies if they keep him or trade him. Could be a better trade if he proves he is willing to play.

On the other hand, if Stro is just complaining because he's unhappy but willing to play, then keep him on the bench. He would give much less.

AussieGfan said...

Morale is so low in Memphis right now. Even from so far away, just the words Memphis and Grizzlies almost send me heading for a cliff.

This is really strange coming from Stro. Guess everyone now has an excuse to poke a stick into his ribcage. Not that the unfilled Strotential wasn't enough.

It's a pretty minor thing tho coming from someone who doesn't have a history for this type of thing.

Could things get any worse. I miss the arguements about JWill and Watson and people complaining about Hubie's sub patterns and that's saying alot. :(

ChipC3 said...

Aussie GFan - Who's going to be good in Aussie Football this year? I still have my Sydney Swans jersey from the year they won it all!

Seriously, Memphis fans always will find something to be unhappy about but this time it appears they are justified somewhat.

Stro getting into a fight with the coach about being taken out of a game? Is that the same guy who refused to play in a playoff contending year because he didn't feel he had his 'lift' back? Things are getting really weird around here. I can understand Stro arguing with the coach about being put into the game but not about being taken out!

Stro is fighting to play, Gasol is unhappy despite his best friend being on the team and Hakim Warrick is actually starting to pass the ball.

What's next?

Surely these are the signs of the apocalypse! Has anyone read Revelations lately and checked to see if these aren't signs of something.

Actaully it's a sign the team is in desperation mode. Something is going to give soon. Either the team will start playing better or people are going to be moved out for new blood. Personally I hope for improved play but expect a lot of new blood before the end of February.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the Apocalypse. We are in perilious times you know.

On Stro, is it true that he really was going at it with MI for PT or you're basing that on his lack of PT lately? Not saying that's not a possibility you know.

Brian said...

stro is indeed a strange one

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