Saturday, December 8, 2007

Postgame Thoughts: Memphis at Atlanta 12.08.07

No in-depth analysis is really needed for this game. It was ugly.

No -- uglier than that.

Nope -- uglier still.

Now you're getting the hang of it.

Chip's Viewpoint:
Maybe Stro's illness is spreading to the rest of the team like it did to Damon. That and the fact that this was the 3rd game in four days somewhat justifies the shooting touch. I disagree with the attitude some have that the team didn't have effort. They played hard for most of the game but they couldn't hit the broadside of a barn tonight.

I can't imagine a worse time to go 0-4 in a week. Home against Portland, two division games and then a road trip to Atlanta to end the week. 2-2 would have been good. 1-3 would have been acceptable. This was embarrassing. Not only tonight but only one decent effort the entire week. Hopefully with the team regaining full strength with the return of Darko something will change around here and the team will start getting some better results. With Detroit coming up on Tuesday and the Clippers after that now would be a good time to turn things around.

For the first time this season the team is behind where I expected them to be and I only predicted 33 wins.


Jason said...

We had no heart tonight. We lost what little confidence we did have the moment the first quarter ended.

I understand being frustrated but this is the NBA!! Quitting and sulking in your own self pity is unacceptable.

Its depressing to be a Grizzlies fan lately.

rob56 said...

Okay, after loosing last night's game , which we could have and should have won I was really expecting us to loose tonight but I didn't think it would have been such an ugly game.

Darko's injuries contributed to his poor play, what was everyone else's excuse?

NancyW said...

This team lives and dies by the 3, and with 1 of 15 from beyond the arc, they obviously died by it. Without the 3 they have very little chance of winning.

Concerning the stomach virus perhaps spreading to the rest of the team, I was wondering that myself. If it wasn't the virus, obviously SOMETHING was ailing them last night.

hptmatt said...

I do not think last night was the worst game we've played this season (that was the Utah game), but this is rock bottom-the upward movement HAS to start now...and sometimes, there's a relief to being at rock bottom that gives you the freedom you need to start moving in the proper direction.

"it has to start somewhere
it has to start sometime
what better place than here
what better time than now"

These lyrics should be blown up and hung on the wall in the FEF home locker room.

I really am starting to believe that a minor tweak may be made to improve perimeter D-I hope.

I do not believe the team will be, or should be, "blown up"-but a minor tweak could show great benefit.

Of course, if it were blown up, hey, we'd finally get some press as a team :(.

See y'all Tuesday. I'll be late 'cuz of work, but I'll be there.

Melvin said...

Memphis I think has been playing despondently lately. And those games, their chance to win are high...

Well, they're still lucky they're not the knicks...

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