Friday, December 7, 2007

Links: Leadership, Pranica in the Big Easy, Dance Team

Former NBA player Eddie Johnson (Kings, Suns, SuperSonics, Hornets, Pacers, Nuggets and Rockets -- he's been around) is currently blogging for Hoopshype. His post today is titled "Leaders among players are hard to find." In it, he mentions the Memphis Grizzlies as one of the teams that is foundering due to a lack of leadership among those actually lacing up their sneakers. Here's what he had to say:

Memphis Grizzlies
Pau Gasol needs to play up to his potential and stop trying to jump ship. That attitude will not allow him to lead the team, where he is presumably the best player. The Grizzlies have very good young talent, but like the Bulls will need to find a leader that can allow Marc Iavaroni to have a solid year evaluating his team and at least get them close to the potential he expects.
I'm not in disagreement with his assessment of Memphis being a team in need of on-court leadership -- I just don't think that Pau Gasol will ever be that guy. It's not really what I consider a fault -- it just isn't part of Pau's personality to be that guy and likely never will be. If he were part of the future of the team, I believe that Damon Stoudamire would embrace that role. But he isn't, so he is unlikely to contribute in that way this season unfortunately. In all likelihood, this team won't get its "leader" until Michael Conley is the unquestioned starter. He was the floor general for Ohio State as a freshman in leading them to the NCAA title game and I fully expect him to do the same thing here in Memphis. So get well soon Michael -- we need you out on the floor!

Pete Pranica has a new blog post up today titled "New Orleans in the Morning". It is a heartfelt look at the citizens of N'awlins and the dwindling fanbase capable of supporting the Hornets. As always, it is a fantastic read that I highly recommend.

The big news of the day is that the Grizzlies Dance Team section is finally up and running on with new photos and dancer bios. As you may remember, we were fortunate enough to interview two former dance team members and truly appreciate the hard work that these young women do to provide entertainment at the games. You can view those interviews and pictures by following these links: Ashley Nations and Terah Chin.

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