Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Darko is Going to Play? Darko is Going to Play!

Darko Milicic suffered what appeared to be a serious injury on Monday night against the Blazers. Immediately after Darko fell to floor, the crowd gasped and muttered to themselves, hoping that it wasn't as bad as it looked. He had trouble putting weight on the foot and had to be pushed to the locker room in a wheel chair. Without any official reports, most, including those of us here at 3SoB, assumed he would be out for a number of weeks with a severe ankle sprain.

But amazingly, that is not the case.

As reported in todays Commercial Appeal, Darko is going to try to play. From downtown to East Memphis to the suburbs, you can hear the surprise now.

"Darko is going to play? Darko is going to play!"

I am as surprised as everyone else. Here are Darko's words:

"That's how some ankles work," Milicic said. "It's really not that bad. I'll try it (today) in shootaround. But I'm sure I'll play."

Wow! Great news for Darko. It seems that Darko doesn't want to be known as a player that is always injured.

"That's why I'm trying to come back (today)," Milicic said.

One thing that I have latched onto pretty quickly with Darko is that he has some serious fight in him. Iavaroni echos that.

"He wants to play and he wants to help us win," Iavaroni said. "He feels you can't do that sitting on the bench."

Rudy Gay was also heard today on the radio saying that Darko will play. We need Darko tonight to man up to Yao.

The question now becomes, how much will Darko play and how effective will he be? Of course, if we could get PA Announcer Rick Trotter to play the part of the "stuck in the 70's MC" from Karate Kid and echo the words that are the title of this post, then I'm sure he'd go out and kick butt.


ChipC3 said...

Any chance we can get Mr. Myagi to work on Michael Conley's shoulder?

hptmatt said...

I bet Conley can catch fly with chopstick

Sean said...

Haha, "That's how some ankles work." I love that.

brandon said...

Let's hope our trainers and coaches aren't foolish enough to let Darko go out there are seriously damage his ankle.

Anonymous said...

Haha. Classic. Gotta love Darko but alas he didn't play at all.

That's how bad ankles really work. said...


Sensei Saunders to Rasheed:
"Sweep the gotta problem with that?"

"Hell naw sensei"

"No mercey"

Rippard Hamilton:
"Get 'em a body bag YESSSIR"