Friday, December 7, 2007

Post Game Thoughts - New Orleans

Another opportunity and another disappointment.

Memphis fought hard, which this team has to do to stand a chance against the better teams in the league. It was a game they deserved to win. They had a chance to win. A game they turned the ball over twice in the last 1:04 seconds of overtime to lose by two points.

Rudy Gay is definately becoming the end of game player the Grizzlies have needed. That leaves the question why wasn't he getting the ball on the last possession? I am sure Iavaroni will answer that question (he is great at being honest after games) but a play designed for Pau to touch pass to Kyle Lowry for the last shot seems peculiar play calling.

Great games by Rudy, Pau and Mike. Respectively they had 31, 26 and 26 points. Gasol chipped in with 10 rebounds and 7 assists.

Kyle Lowry replaced Damon Stoudamire who was sick in the starting lineup and started slow but played hard and seemed to find the shooting touch in the 2nd half. His 14 pts, 9 boards and 9 assists. I don't know if he read my blog about him playing himself into a possible trade but he sure looked good in his first start of the season.

Juan Carlos Navarro had an off-night but having to play the back up Point Guard role made it difficult for Navarro to get comfortable. The good news was that he didn't force anything in frustration.

Memphis' downfall was in the last minutes of every quarter and the OT. The Grizzlies outplayed the Hornets except at the end of periods where they were completely outplayed.

Warrick and Jacobsen were the only players to see court time off the bench. Stromile was sick again and apparently gave the flu to Damon as well. Scary to think the team has to fly with them to Atlanta tonight.

The team played like a team tonight. No one was showing poor body language as far as I could tell. Great to see that.

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