Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Links: Herrington, CA and others

Chris Herrington wrote another excellent blog for the Memphis Flyer which is spooky in how well it dovetails on the Is Trouble Brewing blog from yesterday.

Ron Tillery is really starting to get the hang of this blogging thing. His To Foul or Not to Foul blog was timely and informative. I for one am looking forward to more blogs like this from Ron Tillery. A must read for Grizzlies fans from someone usually harshly criticized. Keep up the great work Ron.

A fan of the Milwaukee Bucks decided to rank teams offenses and defenses and actually used statistics instead of personal observation. The MKE Bucks Diary has the Grizzlies rated 10th in offense and 28th in defense. Remember that when someone says the Grizzlies have to worst defense in the league. We don't. There are two teams with worse defenses.

Joe Larkins has some interesting observations after attending a Grizzlies game. Will someone find him some answers because I honestly don't know the answers to his questions. And why was this such a rare event for Joe? Where the civic pride dude?

HoopsWorld has a Gasol Rumor. Nothing new here just more rehashing of Sam Smith's thoughts. They also have a nice article about Rudy Gay.

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