Saturday, December 1, 2007

Interview with the Enemy: Timberwolves Today

This is something new we hope will be a regular feature for 3 Shades of Blue where we get a chance to interview bloggers from other teams so that we can learn what other fans think of their own teams.

Today we have Neil from Timberwolves Today who was kind enough to answer some questions from ChipC3.

ChipC3: First off let me say I was at the Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus concert with my 8 yr old daughter last night. I feel like I drank two pan galactic gargle blasters without the lemon twist. If you don't know what that is go read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

First question I have for you is simple. Minnesota traded Kevin Garnett for a group of players that probably attended a Hanna Montana concert this year and didn't bring their daughters. Do you think Kevin McHale has got the team on the right path with the young players or was this a terrible move for the franchise?

Neil: While every Wolves fan will miss everything that KG brought to the court night in and night out, the time was right for McHale to deal KG. Due to his enormous contract we could not bring in the help needed to be a legit contender in the wild west. After this season he would have opted out of his contract and we would have been left with nothing but cap space. When you look at past All-Star trades, (Shaq, AI, others) the team dealing the superstar, never gets back equal value. You can never expect to get back what KG offered. That being said, I think we did amazingly well with the deal we did get. Young prospects, draft picks and cap space is what we were asking and that is what we got. Al Jefferson is one of the brightest upcoming stars in this league. Gomes, Telfair and Green are serviceable role players. Two first round draft picks will boost our rebuilding process, and Theo Ratliff is 13 million coming off the books after this season. Sure we have the worst record in the league, but our current squad is young, energetic, and they play hustle ball all night. We have a core, anchored by big Al that could be something special in a few years.

ChipC3: Explain the hiring of Randy Wittman to me.

Neil: Randy Wittman has had a few tours as an assistant coach with the Wolves, as well as a couple failed seasons with Cleveland. He was hired after McHale canned Dwane Casey halfway through last season. It was kind of an in-house promotion for Wittman. It was always assumed that he would someday be a Wolves head coach if Casey did not pan out. In my opinion Casey should still be around, but alas Wittman is in charge. Randy Wittman is known for his no nonsense, hard-nosed philosophy. Times are tough right now in Wolvesville and the key word is patience, this must be applied to the head coach as well. Even if we end up with the worst record in the league this season, Randy Wittman's job is safe at least through next season. McHale and owner Glen Taylor are committed to giving Randy time to mold this team and realize that it will not happen overnight.

ChipC3: On a serious note, a small but serious group of Memphis fans were hoping that the Grizzlies would draft Corey Brewer in the last draft. So far I have not heard a lot about him. What do Minnesota fans think of the Brewer selection and will he be an impact player in the future or are his destiny more along the line of a defensive player who can't shoot?

Neil: Corey Brewer is a huge part of our rebuilding effort. Right now he is very rough around the edges on the offensive end of the court. His shot is simply not falling. However he has earned a decent amount of playing time due to his sheer hustle and defensive energy. He is a hawk in the passing lanes, swooping in and disrupting the oppositions offense, and wants to run the fast break every chance he gets. He will be a special player in the future, but to really be complete he has to work on that shot and his offensive decision making.

ChipC3: Finally, what do you think McHale has on the Minnesota owner to keep his job? Is it incriminating photos? Perhaps some information on his personal finances he doesn't want revealed? It can't be that the owner likes his sweaters can it?

Neil: My insiders tell me that Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor has a huge fetish about Wolves mascot, Crunch. Only McHale truly knows exactly what goes on between Crunch and Taylor, but I have heard some alarming things. This is why McHale still is, and will always be the GM of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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