Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post Game Thoughts - New Jersey


It sure feels good to get that monkey off our backs. It took 73 games to do that last season. Only 14 this season. The Grizzlies are now 3-2 in their last 5 games and two of the wins were against quality opponents. To back that up remember that Washington left Memphis and won at Dallas while New Jersey beat the Lakers in LA on Sunday night. Both of these teams were in the playoffs last season as well.

6-3 Juan Carlos Navarro got 11 rebounds!

I never thought Juan Carlos would get 11 rebounds in a game and I don't just mean an NBA Game. I mean any game! It was incredible to watch this little guy with no vertical leap inside grabbing rebounds. That should let everyone know that our big guys are doing a lot of blocking out under the basket.

Damon or Kyle is really a non-issue right now. Both players are filling roles when they are in the game and playing well. Damon made some big shots but I sure do like the aggressiveness of Kyle down the stretch. I never thought I would see Jason Kidd frustrated but he sure looked that way last night. Did anyone else notice that our point guards committed no turnovers in the game. Now that is what I'm talking about!

Thank you Casey. I think this was the first time he hit 2 three point shots in a Grizzlies game. We all knew you could do it but it sure was nice to see them fall.

Does anyone else remember this summer when Marc Iavaroni said that 3 point shooting was an area of concern about this team? When you hit 50% of your long balls on 22 attempts that doesn't seem to be a serious weakness anymore. Thanks Chris Wallace for addressing that area of need and thanks for hanging with the homeboys at the Bud Light Watch Party! Just another example of how Memphis has the coolest GM in the league.

Question from the Dark Side: When Darko returns who is going to lose minutes? Iavaroni played 9 players last night despite his constantly stated desire to play 8. When Darko returns will Hakim or Stro lose their spot in the rotation?

Mark it down here, whoever gets the fewer minutes upon Darko's return will not be the player traded with Damon in February. Yes, I said it. I expect Damon to be traded in February with either Hakim or Stro and probably the Grizz will get an expiring contract player and a draft pick (which they will offer Washington to get out of the draft pick situation). It's the most logical deal I can think of.


Josh Budd said...

Damon/Kyle: Two talented PG's, different tempos/styles.

TJ/Jose: Two talented PG's, different tempos/styles.

You: Casey Jacobsen, the 3-pt 'expert' who doesn't take threes.

Us: Kapono, the 3-pt 'expert' who doesn't take threes.

You: Lots o' Spaniards.

Us: Lots o' Spaniards.

You: Got a guy named Gay.

Us: Got a guy named Andrea.

Similarities abound.

zack said...


thanks for the comment josh budd...

AussieGfan said...

lol Yeah Toronto is like Memphis' cousin team. Especially since they both came in the league at the same time.

Good writeup chip

It's felt like since the Utah game (not including that one of course) the Grizz have been slowly building towards something and improving. Playing pretty well consistantly only to crumble in the final minutes against quality teams.

It sure feels good to finally win a close one, and another one that could of easily slipped away at that!

It's only 2 games but it's a start and it's something. It might be nothing, but it might be a turning point to look back on later in the season.

I've enjoyed the Grizz this season (luckily have been able to watch 80% of games) but W's make it so much sweeter.

Big game against Toronto and it won't be easy. Hope Moon doesn't look for payback on Swift for that midair collision they had!

ChipC3 said...

Thanks for the kind words AussieGFan.

I have to get back to to Sydney, Lizard Island and see more of your great country! I went scuba diving recently and all I could think of was how great Australia is!

Too bad the Grizzlies couldn't play pre-season games over there sometime!