Thursday, November 29, 2007

Links: Lowry, Defense and Rookie Ratings

Is Lowry Ready to Start? is the question brought up by our friends over at Ryan McNeil, in an interview with the player, asks Kyle some interesting questions. A must read for Zack and other Grizzlies fans.

Ron Tillery got the jump on a story (way to go Ron) with an article about Iavaroni's search for defense. He talks about Gasol's seeming inability to guard the rim in the paint (something many Grizz fans have noticed for years). Good read. Ron also updated his blog on the Edge.

ESPN rates the rookies and Juan Carlos Navarro comes out on top according to David Thorpe. Unfortunately's T-Mobil Rookie Report doesn't agree as Navarro is rated #7 in their list. 3 Shades of Blue already addressed the issue of which rookie is playing best in the Western Conference.

Props to Raptors HQ for the best looking pre-game comments I have seen so far this season. They weren't very good hosts to our boys but they do make an attractive pre-game blog.

Fellow Grizz Blogger David Jones had a nice blog about the team over on his site, appropriately named David's Memphis Grizzlies Blog.

Is Pau Gasol Hall of Fame material? That question is being brought up by DIME Magazine in an article titled HOF Watch: Pau Gasol.

A sad note for Tigers fans. The San Antonio Spurs have assigned Darius Washington to their D-League affiliate.

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Anonymous said...

"Memphis assistant Johnny Davis was out five minutes before the tip making little marks on the court about a foot behind the free throw line. It’s to give Mike Miller his spot since he doesn’t step right up to the line. Very odd."

What's up with this? Are their permanent markings on your home court?