Monday, November 26, 2007

Links: Conley Update, Gasol's 5 Questions, Another Gasol rumor

Michael Conley updated his blog on Yardbarker just a few minutes ago: Rehab

He talks about rehabbing his shoulder every morning and the fact that it won't require surgery, but no further mention of a timetable for his return.

Here's a further explanation of his injury from Dr. Owen Tabor, whom we asked to explain what a posterior labral tear is. Dr. Tabor hasn't examined Conley, so he is speaking about the injury in general terms.

The labrum is a soft cartilage rim around the shoulder socket (glenoid) that is analagous to the meniscus in the knee. Usually, to tear the labrum, you need to have dislocated or subluxed (almost dislocated) the shoulder. A labral tear is actually hard to diagnose, as MRIs are not that accurate. There's not much rehab involved in a labral tear. I would assume they will wait a week or two, and if his shoulder feels better, let him play. If it still hurts, he may need a scope of his shoulder, which could keep him out for anywhere from 2 weeks to the rest of the season, depending on what they find and how they treat it.

Pau Gasol answered 5 Questions for ESPN's Marc Stein on the Daily Dime and seemed to be ready to put the ugliness/disappointment of last year behind him. He says that things are much better this year and he cannot wait to get over a few nagging injuries that have slowed him down so far this season so that they can continue to progress as a team. Check out the link for the full Q&A session. (Hat tip: TennesseeDrew)

Here's another Gasol rumor out of Chicago (the Sun Times' John Jackson....again):

The player I would make a serious run at is Memphis Grizzlies big man Pau Gasol, a player the Bulls were interested in last season. The Grizzlies aren't shopping him right now, but they probably can be persuaded to make a deal because the team is losing, fans aren't filling the FedEx Forum and Gasol is owed a lot of money in the next four years.
I still wouldn't trade Deng, the player the Grizzlies wanted last season, but I'd make it clear that anyone else -- including Hinrich and Gordon -- could be had in the right deal.

As per the last trade rumor, this is the idle speculation/wish list of a bored sportswriter and nothing more.

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