Friday, November 30, 2007

You Can Be Like Mike!!!

No, not Michael Jordan but Michael Heisley, the Grizzlies owner.

The Grizzlies have arranged for a truly incredible evening of Grizzlies entertainment. Imagine you and three friends (and yes you can invite me if you wish) sitting courtside for the game of your choice. Not the ones under the basket mind you but the mid-court seats that Heisley and Pitt Hyde sit in during games. Sounds pretty nice doesn't it. Throw in a reserved parking space at the Ford Parking garage. Courtside access to the shootaround before the game. A picture with you and your friends (and that could include me hint, hint) and a Grizzlies player on the court. Dinner at the Chef's table in Opus Restaurant, scoreboard recognition where you make everyone else jealous of the night you are experiencing with your friends (like me) and $50.00 to spend on cool Grizzlies stuff in the Grizz Den.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it isn't. Call 888-HOOP to find out more information on the Owners Experience.

And to think some people still believe that the Grizzlies aren't doing enough to make games special. In 25 years of being an NBA Fan in such cities as Dallas, Washington, Milwaukee and Atlanta I have never heard of such an offer. Is it for everyone. No but for someone wanting to have a truly unique and special night with at an NBA game there simply isn't a better deal available.

By the way, if you inquire how to purchase this incredible evening make sure you mention you read about it here. It won't get you a discount but it will be interesting to see how many people call them after reading about it here. Maybe the Grizzlies will allow us more access if they realize fans actually read this blog!

Thank You Stu Jackson:
As many people know who have read my rantings for a while now, I don't think Stu Jackson likes the Grizzlies. Maybe it was because the team fired him for making the worst trade in NBA history not involving Isiah Thomas (well at least in the top 10).

Does anyone think it was a coincidence that the Grizzlies have home games on back to back Saurday nights going up against some of the biggest college football games of the year? Last week it was Tennessee-Kentucky and Kansas-Missouri while the Grizzlies beat Washington in a partially filled arena. This weekend we get the Minnesota Timberwolves (with Al Jefferson who is probably the best player in the NBA you know nothing about) against the SEC and Big 12 Championship games. It isn't the Grizzlies fault that the fans aren't comnig out to watch yet. Any where in the south it would be difficult to draw fans when they are competing against important college football games.

When the football season is over so are most of our Saturday games. Just a coincidence?

Thanks for nothing Stu. Why don't you just schedule us a game on Super Bowl Sunday next year?


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Count me in! Who's coming with me?

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WOW--Sounds awesome! I'll have to check into this. It should be a great experience.