Thursday, November 22, 2007

Post Game Thoughts

The Grizzlies looked terrible last night. Their shots were off, the passing was suspect and the big plays absent. Completely different than the confident team making the extra pass and hitting the open shots on Monday night.

It seemed from TV (I was not at the game due to a prior commitment) that the Grizzlies expected the Raptors to roll over and give them the game. The Raptors however wanted to atone for the loss in Dallas and refused to quit. That effort won out in the end.

This is a young team and hopefully they learned a lesson tonight. Even when things aren't going right you can't expect the opponents to lay down and quick. For every game like Seattle on Monday night there are three more like the Raptors game last night. Memphis has to fight through these off-shooting nights and continue to work hard.

I don't believe there will be many more nights when the Grizzlies below 40% from the field or miss their first 10 3 pt shots. However there will be plenty of nights when things don't work out as planned and the ability to overcome those off nights is what separates the winners from the losers.

For now I hope the team enjoys the Thanksgiving holiday, comes ready to attone for this game in San Antonio and ends the week on a high note.

I am now going to go eat myself silly and pretend last night never occured.


Raps Fan said...

that was a tough game for the grizz. i was so frustrated with the raptors, and looked up, and they were only down a bucket. the grizz have some nice pieces though, warrick and gay are guys i watched in college.

do you think pau gasol will get traded? what is the buzz in memphis?

MemphisX said...

Roster is still being evaluated by the new coach and GM. Other than Conley and Darko, I don't think anyone should be secure in their place going forward. Probably won't hear any rumblings until the end of December.