Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mike and Mike and Mike

Mike Miller

There was some good to come out of the defeat in Dallas. Mike Miller finally woke up offensively. However, it is the game within the game that I found interesting. Late in the game with the score close, Dallas started going to the Dirk-Josh Howard pick and roll to force Miller to switch defensively to Howard. Josh Howard commenced to going buck wild on Mike Miller and abused him off the dribble. It seemed it was this abuse that brought out the pride in Mike Miller and he finally decided to attack back using his strength...offense. Miller caught fire and almost single handily brought Memphis back from a double digit deficit late in the game. Hopefully this opens Miller's eyes to how important it is for him to shoot. Mike Miller is perhaps the only player in NBA history that I have disliked because he doesn't shoot enough. Shoot that rock Mike.

Michael Conley

Unfortunately for Grizz fans, promising rookie point guard was injured in the Dallas game. It seemed that Coach Iavaroni was going to turn the corner and sit down Damon Stoudamire. Hopefully, he is able to get into the lineup before it is to late for him to make a splash in the Rookie of the Year race. At the time of his injury, Mike Conley was leading the Grizzlies and 28th in the league overall in PER at 21.79 which compares favorably to the PER of 22.14 Chris Paul posted as a rookie. Get that kid in the game coach.

Michael Beasley

I know that Grizz fans do not want to go through anymore lottery heartache as with the Oden-Durant lottery drawing. However, I have to mention the start that Beasley has gotten off to in his college career. In his first 3 games; he has averages of 30 points, 20 rebounds while shooting 61% from the field and 42% from deep. The competition has been lite but you can’t argue with those numbers. Make sure to catch Mr. Beasley and Kansas State on Turkey Day. Also, frosh OJ Mayo will be in action later that night with Southern Cal.
I am still trying to figure this statement out. Why wait? As well as Darko has started the season, I do not think they were considering benching him. Hmmmmm...


AC said...

It seemed that Coach Iavaroni was going to turn the corner and sit down Damon Stoudamire.

I had the same thought when Conley subbed for Lowry Saturday night. I love what Damon brought before his injury, but I'm so tired of watching him get beat off the dribble and passing on, well, passing, in favor of a needless catch-and-shoot. Conley is easily the best pure point on the roster. He had some slick assists at Utah that I haven't seen since J-Will wore blue. The Griz should be developing him now, not after Damon has been traded.

I'm not concerned about the ROY race, but I hope he heals quickly for the sake of this team's half-court offense.

ChipC3 said...

Perhaps Iavaroni is developing Conley in practice to prepare him for the rigors of the game instead of throwing him to the wolves right off the bat.

Deron Williams wasn't starting every game for Utah as a rookie. Raymond Felton didn't start every game as a rookie and both of these point guards are handling themselves quite well right now.

In my opinion the point guard is the hardest position to translate from college to the pros. I think Iavaroni who has worked with many excellent point guards knows what he is doing. Patience is a virtue but you have to exercise it.

MemphisX said...

Chris Paul started as a rookie and he was not hurt. I am guessing Deron and Felton would have been OK also. What you say makes sense except Damon is hurting us because he is not starter material. So he is not playing the best player at the position simply because he is a rookie and to me that is silly.

Spartacus said...

Is there actually proof that Damon is hurting the team by starting or is that just your opinion (and desire to see Conley playing more) overriding your ability to evaluate all the PG's objectively?