Sunday, November 18, 2007

Links: Updated TV Schedule, Pau isn't being shopped, Injury News, Darko being Darko

I meant to mention this on Thursday, but got busy fighting off ninjas....or was it pirates? Well, whatever it was that happened, helpful reader AC reminded me that SportSouth picked up 11 of the 19 games that were not scheduled to be aired locally. In fact, I'll let AC tell you all about it:

In any case, according to the schedule at the official Griz site, SportSouth will be carrying these games:
Dec. 3, Portland
Dec. 8, @ Atlanta
Dec. 15, @ Orlando
Dec. 26, New Orleans
Jan. 6, Miami
Jan. 19, @ Charlotte
Feb. 2, Utah
Feb. 9, @ New Orleans
Feb. 19, @ Seattle
March 8, Boston
March 11, @ Phoenix

That is obviously great news for Grizz fans who don't have League Pass and would otherwise miss seeing the Boys from Beale Street in action.

In other news, Pete Pranica mentioned something interesting in his latest blog post about the Pau Gasol trade rumors originating from Chicago. He mentions his friend Marty Burns, who just happens to write for and wrote a column about the Gasol issue titled "Grizzlies not looking to deal Gasol":
The Grizzlies' slow start has fueled anew talk of a Pau Gasol trade, but here's a crude reminder for any team hoping to strike oil by stealing the 7-foot Spaniard out of Memphis: Gasol-ine doesn't come cheap.
"Pau's already a proven commodity," Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace said, while insisting he's not looking to deal his franchise forward. "He's proven he's a double-double player. He's a difficult matchup for the other team. He scores the ball easily in the post. Those are things that are very difficult to go out and replace." mean that post players who have averaged 20/10/4/2 and can finish with either hand don't exist on every street corner? Whodathunkit?

"In the NBA, you can never say never," Wallace said. "Allen Iverson was traded. Shaquille O'Neal was traded. Kevin Garnett was traded. Those things do occur. But Pau has been very enthusiastic about what's going on here with the players we've brought in and the system Marc Iavaroni has put into place.

"We're not out there running around shopping him, I can tell you that."

Needless to say, it doesn't exactly sound like GM Chris Wallace is running up his cell phone bill begging the other 29 GM's in the NBA to offer him a couple of unproven young players and a draft pick for the talented Spaniard. If anything, he's taking the approach that there's no reason to trade away a 27-year old PF/C coming off a career year who is suffering from a few minor, nagging injuries early in the season. That should be welcome news to Grizzlies fans everywhere -- especially given the solid play of Darko Milicic and the emergence of Rudy Gay as a consistent scoring threat. Pau seems to be more content in Memphis this year, even with the persistence of the trade rumors.
"Every player is [tradable]," he said with a shrug after Wednesday night's loss in Milwaukee. "That's up to [the GM] and the owner. ... Right now, I'm trying to focus on the team and that's what you've got to do, worry about the present. If something happens, it happens.
"But it's definitely a better situation around here than last year."

In that same article, Marty Burns also notes that rookie PG Michael Conley has looked good in the limited time he has seen the court. I've said it before, but it bears repeating: The future looks bright for the Grizzlies.

Unfortunately, Conley sprained his right shoulder in the loss Saturday night and will be evaluated to determine if he'll miss any time. Darko Milicic missed the game against Dallas with his injured left thumb. X-rays were negative during the Hornets game when the injury occurred, but the Grizzlies are holding him out since the thumb was already injured prior to the New Orleans game. Reports are that he'll be re-evaluated upon the team's return to Memphis.

Speaking of Darko -- over at Basketbawful, they have uncovered some video of The Dark One doing some things. I'd say more, but I'm trying to forget I ever saw it. But you guys head on over there and enjoy it. The nightmares will wear off -- I promise.

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