Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dallas Post Game Comments

Another day, another heart-stopping loss. Not much new here.

Just teasing. Juan Carlos Navarro had another strong game in spite of the two misses at the end of the game. If anything was disturbing it was the ease that Terry broke down Navarro in the 2nd half. Jason Terry is a great offensive player but Navarro has to make players like Terry work harder. Seemed like Terry would come down fake left and go right every time down the court and was wide open every time. Also, I don't believe JCN made a 3 pt shot after the first quarter. Word got around the league fast to watch out for him.

Hakim is a major spark offensively off the bench. His defense is still suspect but seemed better than what I saw last season. He really filled in nicely for Darko. Stro played okay but was completely overpowered bu Erick Dampier underneath. Memphis has no answer for Dampier with Darko out. Side point, Hakim has one assist this season and that was on opening night. He will need to work on passing next summer. Perhaps he would prefer to find someone other than Carmello Anthony to work with on that part of his game.

Mike Miller is getting comfortable in the new system and starting to be a force on the offensive end again without losing his rebounding. Navarro was wide open at the end of the game because Dallas was convinced Memphis would go with Mike again since he was leading the comeback.

Damon Stoudamire is playing well but the team isn't responding to him nearly as well as with Kyle, who needs to only cut down on turnovers to take the starting job. Iavaroni commented after the game that the team needs to stop having to come from behind constantly. That would appear to be a direct comment at Damon.

Gasol has either got a bad back or has lost about 3 inches in leaping ability. I imagine it's the back but the feeling that dead legs from the summer activity can't be ignored.

Rudy needs to stop committing fouls in the first quarter. His constant foul trouble early makes it that much more difficult to get into the flow of the game. Along that line when will the Grizzlies start earning the ref's respect? Seems like the Grizzlies lost all of the toss up calls last night and a few that weren't even that close.

Looks like Memphis will have to wait a bit longer to see Michael Conley in a game. His shoulder injury will most likely cause him to miss the next few games. Three of four are home games. Just another reason to watch the road games on FSN!

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