Thursday, September 4, 2008

Who's bringing the Krispy Kremes?


NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! YOU'VE GOT TO BE PULLIN' MY LEG!!!! Two NBA rookies ("according to sources") get in some trouble with a bit of sticky fineness? Gee, that's never happened.

Folks, we need to realize something. The list of NBA players who do not commit this particular indulgence may very well be shorter than the list of ones who do. I've no real evidence of that, but I gotta assume that Josh Howard and Rasheed and Damon (formerly, allegedly) and Brad Miller and Zach Randolph (BOY could the Grizzlies use him now!!) and Joakim Noah....and on and on...are not the only ones.

I do NOT condone or encourage what they were doing (and even more so WHERE they were doing it-dang, y'all, why not just go kick it down at the park like we used to do..I mean, no we didn't....). However, this indiscretion is non-violent (unless you happen to be that last Snickers in the resort's vending machine-then your opinon might vary on that one) and can only be considered minor in the grand scheme of things. Y'know, dude, "grand scheme" like that thing we were gonna do where we built a whole amusement park where they play Dark Side of the Moon on all the rides and there's a yellow brick road running through the whole place, and there were flying monkeys? What? You don't remember that?

What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Basketball.

That's what I need these guys to do. Play basketball, and play it hard and to the best of ability and talent. What they do elsewise is not of my concern, unless they eat all the rest of the Cheez-its and don't call me and tell me I need to stop and get some more on the way home. Role model? Puh-leeze. We are influenced by the examples we see in the world-it's each person's job to know how to take the examples-either follow them or don't.

I do, however, plan to make some extra $ by droppin' a call to Crimestoppers when the Heat come to town ;).


in this article, written by Ron Tillery, Arthur is quoted as saying firmly that he did not use and was not involved with marijuana. I believe him, and will be cheerin' my lungs out for him all season and for as long as he plays the Grizzlies. Tagging my blog on this subject as "satire" is an understatement of my humorous intent-again, in no way do I condone the breaking of the "no visitors" or the "none of that stuff in your room at a ROOKIE NBA CAMP, for Pete's sake" rule.
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Samara said...

Uh, Chip. We're talking about marijuana, not donuts. I sort of see the gist of your "humor", but this is NOT funny. Illegal drug use by one of our rookies is a very SERIOUS matter, and the NBA treats it as such.
Not to mention that it speaks very poorly about the character, dedication, and maturity of one of our most important aquisitions. I therefore am not impressed at all by the tone of your post. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Well, it wasn't Chip who wrote the blog to begin with. And it was meant to be exactly what you said, humorous. We in no way, shape or form are condoning the actions of the accused players, Matt was merely making light of the situation in a harmless, lighthearted manner.

HPTMatt said...

trust me, the only serious part of this blog was the part where I said I do not condone what they were doing.

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