Saturday, September 6, 2008

Because I'm Just Crazy Enough To Think It Could Work

Most of the news surrounding the Grizzlies right now is about Darrell Arthur's mistake in a hotel room or the possibility of Zach Randolph donning Beale Street Blue this season. I think that we've covered the first one pretty well, and I don't even want to think about the second one. But the potential Randolph deal did get me to thinking about another issue facing the Grizzlies. If they deal Darko & Marko to NYC, then the Grizzlies have 2 rookie C's, 4 PF's and still no backup SF (unless Greg Buckner plays out of position). That will also mean that the Grizzlies go from 13 players under contract down to 12. That opens up some possibilities.

I thought about moving Antoine Walker over to backup SF, given that he has played that position quite a lot over his career. But even then, the team will still have to sign at least one more player -- probably two. Obviously, one of those players will have to be a veteran center, given that Marc Gasol and Hamed Haddadi have played a combined ZERO minutes in the NBA so far. Any number of minimum contract stiffs could fill the bill of being the backup center, so I'm not too concerned about who they sign for that spot. But what about that other potential signing? Who should they take there?

The depth chart would look something like this if that trade took place:

PG - Conley, Lowry
SG - Mayo, Crittenton, Buckner
SF - Gay, Walker
PF - Randolph, Warrick, Arthur
C - Gasol, Haddadi, Token Stiff

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm comfortable that our PG spot is fine, given that Conley, Lowry, Mayo and Critt all have played that position in their recent careers. I'd love to use that last spot to shore up the SG/SF positions though. This is especially true if 'Toine comes in less than 100% motivated this season. But who could we sign for a low level contract (a given with this regime) that could actually contribute if called upon? I know of a guy that's sitting out there in free agency, just waiting for his phone to ring. A player who is already familiar with the nuances of Memphis.

You know him, you love him, so let's welcome him back to the Bluff City..........Mister Bonzi Wells!

Before you start sputtering about his past with the Grizzlies, hear me out. His play on the court was rarely ever an issue -- his conflicts with the head coach (Mike Fratello) were a problem. No more Czar = no more problem. He was a fan favorite and Heisley absolutely loved the guy while he was here. He can play both swingman positions and is a veteran who can contribute, and could even start if called upon. People want a guy who won't back down, plays with heart and wants to win every single night? Here's your guy. Am I worried about having Bonzi, Zach and 'Toine in the same locker room with all these young, impressionable players? I'm scared to death of it. But if we're going to bring Z-Bo in, then why not go all out and find another guy who is long on talent and has a questionable head? Especially if that guy might bring a few more fans back to the FedEx Forum who think of him fondly.

The contract that he signed with Houston two years ago was for 2 years and $4.5 million. Anyone else think that kind of deal would fit in with the fiscally responsible Three Year Plan? Yeah, me too. Let's be honest - Zach Randolph isn't going to bring in more fans than having Adriana Lima in the stands would have. But bringing back Bonzi might -- especially if it rekindles memories of postseasons trips in the minds of fans who are looking for something to believe in.

Bring. Back. Bonzi.

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HPTMatt said...

Sparty, you know very well that I could be the conductor on the "BRING BACK BONZI" train.

That would be a great thing.

Count me let me go find my headband and my sheetrock repair materials...

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Anonymous said...

I've been pimping a Bonzi return, since the day we shipped him out for Bobby Jackson and his expiring deal. I would still love to see this guy on the court. Dude is tough, strong, and did I mention tough? I still think that with the roster we have, the Grizzlies are going to be a soft team, and Bonzi could do wonders for that mentality.

Rick said...

I would love a tough guy like Bonzi on this team. I would love a rebounding scoring machine like Z-Bo on this team. I would loathe a ticking time-bomb like Bon-Z-Bo in the locker room waiting to rip our second year Coach I to shreds. Additionally, Bonzi has to prove he has consistent value. We all know what he's capable of when healthy and focused. I'm not sure he can stay healthy and focused enough to help this team.

Joshua Coleman said...

If we pull off both moves, I am so using Bon-Z-Bo to refer to those two knuckleheads. LOL

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Bonzi would be a fantastic addition to the Grizzlies offense. Completely different type of wing and his post game would be a great fit, especially while the team finds their top level big man.

carlcr said...

Forget it! Bonzi is not the player the Grizz need. His play with NO was not stellar and often was ball hog. If he was so good the NO would have played him more. Plus I still don't trust his attitude problems.