Friday, September 5, 2008

Dining with the Enemy: Hornets 24/7

On Tuesday, Chip and I had the pleasure of eating lunch with Ron Hitley, the fantastic writer who created Hornets 24/7. He was in Memphis to avoid the wrath of Gustav, so we were excited to get the chance to actually sit down with a fellow blogger, rather than the usual contact we have with other bloggers across the nation via email, live blogging or instant messaging in today's age of technology.

We're in Memphis, the home of the World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest. This is the city of Corky's BBQ, which will FedEx their ribs to anywhere in the world. The home of Rendezvous -- known worldwide for their barbecue. So of course, we took him to Owen Brennan's, a restaurant known for New Orleans' style food. We're both oblivious and cliché at the same time -- it works for us though. Ron and I had the Catfish Boudreaux, which was excellent. Chip settled for the Meat Pie. Um...yeah. It was as appetizing as it sounds according to him.

We had a great time talking shop, sharing ideas on what each of us thought about our respective franchises, as well as our perceptions of each others' teams. We told him that he's going to love James Posey -- everyone loves Skittles when he's on your team. He asked us just how frightened we really are of Darko Milicic (VERY!!!) and what it is like to be able to meet and interview the team's owner and GM. It was a lot of fun, and I know that both Chip and I are looking forward to a future trip to The Big Easy to hang out on Ron's turf.

So go check out Hornets 24/7. Ron's still not settled back in as they continue cleanup down there, but our good buddy Ryan Schwan has been holding the fort down quite well in his stead.

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Anonymous said...

Road trip to New Orleans!!.....or train trip via Amtrak :)

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