Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Cursory Glance

Well, I've been looking at some individual player movements from this offseason (during which all moves may have yet to come to full fruition), and I've got a couple of ideas about who may have done right or wrong by themselves.

Forget the teams. I ain't worried about those for the moment.

Winners (this is list is nowhere near complete or all-inclusive...I'm a bit too cognitively challenged to come up with a complete one):

1-Josh Childress. He's sorta pulled the same move that Kapono did when he STOLE an MLE contract from the Raps in that "struck while the iron was hot" could be described as an understatement. Chill is a really good player with BY FAR AND AWAY the coolest hair in the league, and I wish that the Grizzlies could have scored him...but he got more than his NBA market value would have garnered him (by the proverbial country mile when tax aspects are considered). I won't say "he got more than he deserved", 'cuz that, by definition, cannot happen. SOMEONE with a LOAD of money thought he deserved it.

2-RON-RON, baby! Back with Adelman. Our old friend Shane may suffer some minutes 'cuz of this one, but Artest will get a real chance to do some important things on what could (sounding like "the boy who cried SW Division champions" now) be a very important team. The flip side, of course...attribution bias counts on the negative side, too, Ron.

3-Chris "things go better with" Andersen. He's got a job. That darned well better be enough for him.

4-Anthony Roberson. See Chris Andersen.

5-One word: BENO!!!! If Kapono stole an MLE contract, Udrih should be tried for upwards of twenty-odd million counts of grand larceny.

6-Flip Murray. Sure, it's not a championship team, but it will almost certainly be a fun place to play the limited minutes he'll likely see,and he scored one more year's work.

That's just a few for now. I'll take a look a little deeper and see who else came out smelling like a rose and who came out smelling like, well, not a rose...

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