Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Post Game Thoughts

Another tough loss with a late turnover at the end costing the Grizz a chance at stealing another road win and having their first winning streak of the season.

Don't want to point fingers at anyone. The effort was there from everyone. Milwaukee was fresher, had the home court advantage and needed the win more than the Grizz. They barely beat us. That says a lot more about the Bucks than the Grizz who overcame some highly questionable calls, fatigue and a cold start shooting from long distance to have a real chance at the win.

Rudy was phenomenal offensively but he has to contribute in other ways as well. One rebound and no assists in 40 minutes doesn't cut it. If people believe he is going to be something great he has to concentrate on the full game and not just scoring.

Gasol looked a step slow but so did Darko and Swift. Apparently there was a hangover effect from battling Yao but Darko was huge on the boards grabbing 12 rebounds (4 offensive). Pau had an off night but still scored 16 points, grabbed 7 boards, had 4 assists and a block. Not bad for an off-night.

Conley looked good but his +/- ratio showed just how well he really played. The Grizzlies were +9 when he was in the game. That was predominantly with the scrubs on the court as well. He keeps doing that on the road and Iavaroni may have to find a way to play him in Memphis.

Lowry was high energy as always but he didn't play that well. Damon played well getting 4 assists in the first quarter and all 7 of his points in the 3rd. Lowry played 22 minutes but led the team in turnovers with 4. That was twice as many as Conly and Damon combined. Still he helped energize the team when they were flat. We need his energy but he has to take better control of the ball. He hasn't played in 20 games yet so it isn't time to start making an issue of it yet however.

Jacobsen finally scored! His shots in the 1st half helped keep the Grizz close when it looked like they would be blown out.

Defensive breakdowns especially in the paint cost the Grizz the game more than anything else. If Bogut gets 20 and 10 against you then you deserve to lose the game.

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