Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MemphisX's Post Game Bullets @ Milwaukee 11/14/2007

  • Grizzlies continue to get off to bad starts and play at a slow pace with Damon starting

  • Darko needs fewer postups and more pick and rolls

  • Mike Conley is the best point guard on this team

  • Playing this summer seems to have hurt Pau Gasol and Mike Miller as both seem to have tired legs

  • Rudy Gay is already better than I thought was possible for him last year

  • Kyle Lowry can shoot

  • Mike Conley can shoot

  • Can't understand how Jacobsen continues to get minutes

  • Iavaroni still needs to work on his rotation

  • Yi Jianlian is as good as I thought he would be and kudos to the Bucks for taking him

  • Bogut is 7 months older than Darko

  • We really need another scorer to play with Rudy


The Serbian Swatter said...

Darko needs more post-ups, not less.

Lowry is a huge ball hog.

So is Gay, but at least his shots were falling tonight.

Conley should get starter minutes.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it, but I agree with everything X says on this one.
Rudy's confidence has made him the go-to guy already (if only Iaveroni would make sure we actually go to him) and in Conley (20), Rudy (21), Darko (22) and Lowry (21) we have a very nice young group. If only Kinsey (23) could get a little more run since his benching has hurt his game readiness.

GrizzMan said...

I hear Kobe Bryant is availible.?

MemphisX said...

We need a high-level 2 way shooting guard and a trade of Pau can get us one.