Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Links: Recaps, Rudy Rising, All-Star Ballot

Chris Herrington give a bigger than normal postgame recap over at Beyond the Arc. He recognizes just what the Ivory Towers (I told Chip we should have gotten a copyright on that name!) did to one of the best defensive frontcourts in the NBA last night.

Here are a few more recaps of last night's win over the Houston Rockets:

Houston Chronicle

Bay News 9


Now, to the good stuff. Rudy Gay completely emasculates Luis Scola and drops a bomb on him, as well as Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean Jacque Wamutombo -- but you can call him Deke.

Now that you've watched that video 5 or 6 times, go over to Hardwood Paroxysm to read their incredulous reactions to what transpired last night. Be forewarned, it isn't for the weak of heart.

Our final note of the day is to inform you that the All-Star Ballots have been finalized. The Grizzlies tallied three players as eligible (you have to cast a write-in vote for the others): Rudy Gay (F), Mike Miller (F), Pau Gasol (C). Once the voting begins, we'll have an easily accessible link as a daily reminder to vote for your favorite Grizzlies.


zack said...

love the dunk....great stuff...

rudy brought the house down a more than a few occasions last night....

shane who?

zack said...

a quote from Adelman after the game:

"And we have to find a way to get easier baskets, too"

even though the Griz are struggling with jump shots this year, easy baskets have been one area we have excelled at...