Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Season Predictions

Western Conference Predicted Finish (regular season wins)-

Chip: Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston, Utah, Denver, New Orleans, Portland, Golden St, Memphis, LA Lakers, Sacramento, LA Clippers, Minnesota, Seattle
Zack: San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, Denver, Utah, Golden State, Memphis, New Orleans, L.A. Lakers, Portland, L.A. Clippers, Seattle, Minnesota, Sacramento
Spartacus: Phoenix, Dallas, San Antonio, Utah, Houston, Denver, New Orleans, Golden State, L.A. Lakers, Memphis, Portland, Sacramento, Minnesota, Seattle, L.A. Clippers

Eastern Conference Predicted Finish (regular season wins)-
Chip: Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Toronto, Miami, Washington, Detroit, New Jersey, Milwaukee, Indiana, Orlando, Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, Charlotte
Zack: Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Washington, Cleveland, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Toronto, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Orlando, Charlotte, Philadelphia
Spartacus: Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Toronto, Orlando, Cleveland, New Jersey, Washington, Miami, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, New York, Indiana, Charlotte, Atlanta

Western Conference Playoffs-
Chip: Dallas over Portland, Phoenix over New Orleans, San Antonio over Denver, Utah over Houston, Dallas over Utah, San Antonio, Dallas over San Antonio
Zack: San Antonio over Memphis, Dallas over Golden State, Phoenix over Utah, Houston over Denver, San Antonio over Houston, Phoenix over Dallas, San Antonio over Phoenix
Spartacus: Phoenix over Golden St., Dallas over New Orleans, San Antonio over Denver, Houston over Utah, Phoenix over Houston, San Antonio over Dallas, San Antonio over Phoenix

Eastern Conference Playoffs-
Chip: Chicago over New Jersey, Boston over Detroit, Washington over Cleveland, Miami over Toronto, Chicago over Miami, Bston over Washington, Chicago over Boston
Zack: Boston over New Jersey, New York over Chicago, Detroit over Cleveland, Miami over Washington, Miami over Boston, Detroit over New York, Detroit over Miami
Spartacus: Chicago over Washington, Boston over New Jersey, Detroit over Cleveland, Orlando over Toronto, Chicago over Orlando, Detroit over Boston, Detroit over Chicago

NBA Finals-
Chip: Dallas over Chicago
Zack: San Antonio over Detroit
Spartacus: San Antonio over Detroit (much gnashing of teeth in Dallas, Phoenix, Boston and Chicago)

Rookie of the Year-
Chip: Kevin Durant
Zack: Kevin Durant (JC will be #2)
Spartacus: Al Horford

Most Valuable Player-
Chip: Kevin Garnett
Zack: Tony Parker
Spartacus: Amare Stoudemire

Sixthman of the Year-
Chip: Juan Carlos Navarro (this is a Grizzlies site after all)
Zack: Juan Carlos Navarro (if I didn't believe that Lowry would end up starting soon, he would be my choice)
Spartacus: Juan Carlos Navarro (because I believe he is the best candidate)

Coach of the Year-
Chip: Nate McMillian
Zack: Rick Adelman
Spartacus: Stan Van Gundy

Grizzlies Wins-
Chip: 33
Zack: 40
Spartacus: 37

You can check out Chris Herrington's predictions on Beyond the Arc, as well.


ChipC3 said...

This is soooo going to get me kicked off the Sunshine Patrol's Executive Board!

Ryan Schwan said...

Chip: Portland in the playoffs? Really?

Zack: Tony Parker as MVP? I don't think he can produce the stats, and most awards are stat driven.

Spartacus: I don't think Detriot is going to be that good this year.


hptmatt said...

ZACK! Comin' through with the 40 wins! Can I borrow them blue glasses yer sportin'??? ;)

and Chip...still showing a bit of Mavs loyalty...but they will not win b/c they now have EJ :)

zack said...


when we first got together and talked about this a month ago I was the most optimistic of us 3 about our playoff chances....I felt I needed to keep it that way, despite having my optimism cooled a bit after watching the preseason...

zack said...

re: tony parker for mvp...

I think I just read on ESPN that Dr. Jack Ramsey agrees with me....i'll take that company....

he did win the Championship MVP after all....


ChipC3 said...

I feel a lot better about my Portland selection today than I did yesterday!

The reason I picked Portland is that they have a great assembly of young talent and a super coach. I wanted to have a wild card name in the list and I thought about Memphis (too inexperienced as a team with a rookie coach), Seattle (too young), Minnesota (you have to be kidding), Sacramento (rookie coach and Bibby hurt), Lakers (too emotionally out of touch), Clippers (no Brand, no chance) and Portland (great coach, great young talent and depth). Looking at it that way the choice was simple.