Monday, October 29, 2007

It Just Doesn't Matter

The Grizzlies have been in town going on 7 years and one thing has not changed in that entire time.

The Grizzlies have never won their home opener.

It just doesn't matter.

Sure they have been close like the triple overtime loss to the Knicks last year. We have been big underdogs, little underdogs and even favored like the first year at the FedEx Forum when a wounded Washington Wizards came here.

But we haven't won yet.

It just doesn't matter.

After all is it a big disappointment if you lose to the defending world champions? The Spurs are considered a dynasty. The team of the decade. They have a superstar in Tim Duncan and an all-star supporting cast of Tony Parker, Manu Ginoblili, Michael Finley, Robert Horry, etc. This team is so good they could trade away the rights to Luis Scola-who is starting in Houston- for a player that they released so he could play in Greece! Would it be that surprising if we lost the game?

It just doesn't matter.

The Opening Night is the only game you have 81 games to make amends for. 82 games is a long season and injuries have far greater impact than the outcome of the first game (unless that is the game one of your players gets injured in of course).

It just doesn't matter

It doesn't mean the season is lost if a team with 6 new players - Juan Carlos Navarro, Darco Milicic, Casey Jacobsen, Michael Conley, Andre Brown and Stromile Swift (well at least so far) - and a rookie coach in Marc Iavaroni doesn't upset the most experienced team in the league. Does it? Should we even focus on the streak?

It just doesn't matter!

The season the Grizzlies won 50 games they lost the opener. Boston won season. The team was below .500 on New Year's Day before exploding in the 2nd half of the season when the depth of the team outworked opponents and the chemistry of the team was at it's highest under the Hubie Brown era.

See it just doesn't matter!!

That was also Hubie's second season in Memphis. His first season was pretty much a disaster with only 28 wins to his credit. That was a 5 game improvement over the last season of Sydney Lowe however. Good things take time to develop. Baby steps become giant steps if the team hangs together through the tough times.

It just doesn't matter!!!

And if we win. HAH! And if we win and Stro unleashes his tremendous potential, Navarro shoots the La Bamba over Duncan's head, Miller reigns in bombs from all over the place, Gasol is totally healthy and explodes all around the rim and Darko intimidates the refs into giving us the calls for a change and even if God himself comes down and touches our goal, even if the tickets sales go up and everyone is happy it just doesn't matter.

Because when it is all said and done. Eva Longoria is still married to Tony Parker and there is nothing we can do about that!

It just doesn't matter.

It just doesn't matter.

It just doesn't matter.

I hope they aren't serving Meatballs at the Tip Off luncheon today...;^)


scott_7713 said...

That sounds so familiar, Chip.

It was good enough for Jason Williams, right? :D

ChipC3 said...

It is paraphrased from the movie Meatballs with Bill Murray. Kind of like taking the same idea from one season to the next in a newspaper column. ;^)

I don't understand the JWill reference.

ChipC3 said...

I think I figured out the JWill comment. This wasn't a blog saying there are more important things than basketball. It was a joking reference to a funny movie with the last line being the punch line to the joke about Eva Longoria being married to Tony Parker and our winning or losing the game won't change that.

Sorry you didn't catch the reference.