Monday, October 29, 2007

Links: Interview, Previews, Reconstruction, Beards, Free Throws has an interview with Mike Miller on their site. Many of Mike's answers clearly exhibit just how much he loves to play the game of basketball.

To what lengths would you go for a chance to play basketball, even if it were just a shoot around?
MM: Well, I played outside in the snow in South Dakota. So I think that is about as extreme as it gets.

Carlos Boozer previews the Western Conference for SLAM and has some nice things to say about the Grizzlies.


The biggest piece is Pau Gasol. He’s a seven-foot guy that can shoot the ball with his right and left hand, block shots, rebound, and he runs the floor very well. Hakim Warrick might get Most Improved – he’s a sleeper. I wanna see how good Juan Carlos Navarro does, and it’ll be interesting to see Darko get a bigger role. Mike Miller is a stud. Rudy Gay is as talented as any young guy in the League, and they have Dahntay Jones and Mike Conley. If their young guys grow up fast, they could be pretty good.

I'll let you tell him that Dahntay Jones doesn't play for the Grizzlies any more....or the Celtics for that matter.

The Sports Flow picks Memphis to finish last in the Southwest division, which isn't all that surprising.

NBA Glue projects the Grizzlies to win 39 games.

Showboating (Mavs blog) has us pegged for 36 wins and 10th in the West.

The Jackson Sun has a good article detailing the horror that was last season and the significant changes made this offseason to reconstruct the team.

You can get your very own Pau Gasol beard right here (hat tip: Monkey Boy).

Shane Battier hit 120 free throws in a row in practice. (Houston Chronicle via TrueHoop)

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