Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Guess what I got......more previews.

We Rite Goode asked us for our predictions and we answered. Read the Southwest Division Preview today.

AllHipHop.com (self-proclaimed "World's Most Dangerous Site") picks the Grizzlies to finish 10th in the West in their Southwest Division Preview.

"twins15" of Complete Sports has Memphis in the playoffs as the 8th seed.

Mediaverse covers a few Memphis related items in a post entitled "On Darius Washington", including ESPN.com's Scoop Jackson mentioning Pau Gasol and Grizzlies dance team member Noelia Warnette-Jones. Some entertaining commentary about Scoop was included in that post.

FOX Sports has a piece entitled "Here's why your team might win" that covers exactly what you think the title suggests. Randy Hill manages to cover each team in the NBA, although I think this could have been really easy to do by saying "Make sure Tim Duncan misses the playoffs".

Basketbawful has some doubts about how good (or at least how exciting) the Grizzlies will be in his NBA Bestern Conference Preview.

Both of the fine gentlemen at The Basketball Jones have Memphis in the playoffs, one as the 7th seed, the other as the 8th seed.

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