Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Diary of a happy Grizz fan

By Kirk Holland

Zac; my homie, my brother. Your blogs the past week have been GREAT, and I am looking forward to further posts, but I decided to post on the opposite aspect of the situation.

Yes, it was MUCH harder than your journey, but I managed to actually run across a few fans who actually cared more about the Grizz than I do, which is hard to do.

Cut to scenario......

So last night,,,,,,, hungry, thirsty, needing a beer, I headed to the local Fox and the Hound in Southaven to satiate both needs.

Whilst waiting on my waitress to fill my order, I stumbled upon a couple in the booth next to me wearing none other than Grizzlies Blue, with matching hats!

Interests peaked, I had no choice but to inquire upon the outfit choice of said couple (thanks to Jeff and Sarah btw). I asked the male of the couple about what he thinks of the Grizz this season, and what he sees for the future. This was a mistake on my part, because I quickly found this guy knew more about the Grizz than I could ever dream about.

First off, he hit me with a question to my question. He says "How do you see the Grizz faring this year?" Wait, whaaa? Of course, I answered though. "As much as it pains me, I see the Grizz going through a tough time this year, with the lack of experience and the glaring deficit at the PF spot", I said. Fair enough.

Well, the fellow asked me, "How can you see a deficit in something you haven't seen(other than preseason of course)?" Hmmmm, well I thought and thought.

In response, I said "It's just an observation, which I would GLADLY love to be proven wrong."

The genius of the conversation is the forthcoming statement my friends.

Jeff(haha man, see), said "The Grizzlies team this year is like a well formed whiskey; all the parts are there, but it takes time to come together and make the finished product."

WOW, a man after my own heart. This simple analogy rings true, and has bearing for the future as well.

Thanks again to anonymous couple :) for your keen observations, and look forward to meeting such avid Grizzlies fans in the future.

So Zac, my brother, whilst you continue your quest; hopefully I will be fortunate enough to run into such fans as this again.

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