Friday, August 1, 2008

The Trouble with Being Earnest...Part 2

The eternal optimist Chip wrote a post earlier this week called The Trouble with Being Earnest.

The cynic is here with a rebuttal.

Bottomline: Don't trust what pro sports management say.

Rewind to a year ago...heck 9 months ago...

Here was the company line from Heisley/Wallace/Iavaroni:

--We are committed to building around Pau.
--We aren't trading Pau for capspace.
--We need 50 games to properly evaluate the roster.

Now for the reality:

--Pau was traded and rebuilding without him began.
--Pau was traded for cap space.
--Pau was traded before the 50 game mark.

So, in my humble opinion, take what Heisley and Wallace say with a grain of salt. Being earnest is only going to force them to lie.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I'll be glad when training camp starts so we can talk about ACTUAL BASKETBALL again . . .


Chip Crain said...

Zack - Do you really believe we were told lies or are you exagerating to make your point? I think Josh nailed the difference between what you say is a lie and what a lie truly is.

But putting that aside your comments bring up a much bigger problem for me. If changing perspective means you lied with your original statement what is the alternative? Are you suggesting we go back to the days of Jerry West when no one knew what the Grizzlies were thinking and there was a complete disconnect with the fans?

Speaking for myself only give me Wallace on the radio and Iavaroni on the radio and Heisley talking to anyone who would listen and explaining their positions and what their thought process is over silence and a take it or leave it attitude. We may have some fun disagreeing with the thought process but it is a lot better than operating in a vaccuum of information.

GrizzledGrizzFan said...

Joshua - IMO you should have posted your rebuttal in the comments. Let Zack's perceptions, which I happen to agree with, stand on their own. Whether or not they were outright lies, it sure seems that way...

hooba said...

My frustration with Pau is that I do believe there was a final good faith push by team management at the start of last season to build around Pau.

As Joshua said, they got Darko to play C next to him. They went thru serious headache and 1st rd pick to pull his best friend over in JCN.

What they needed from Pau in return was leadership, commitment, enery and taking ownership of the team (and defense). And instead they got the same old Pau.

Whether or not they were smart to try to build around Pau one last time is a debatable point, as is the timing and return on their decision to move on from Pau.

But it was pretty clear there was a window provided by mgmt to Pau to show he was the man. Didn't materialize.

Shawn said...

welcome back Zack. How come I have the feeling you used this post as an excuse to procrastinate something. ;-)

zack said...


go titans!!!

oh, and shawn...I thought about signing up for titanscentral...look for me on there in the near future...

got more procrastinating to do...oh wait, actually I've gotten to the point where I can't procrastinate

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