Sunday, July 6, 2008

Links: Summer Camp, Free Agency and the Seattle Issue

I rarely do the links update but I felt a need to get these stories in front of Grizzlies fans.

Marc Gasol is heading to Memphis to sign a contract tomorrow. This is being reported at The site is in Spanish so a kind poster at the Memphis Grizzlies message board got a translation of it. This is what the translation says "The Spanish international Jose Manuel Calderon and Marc Gasol momentarily leave the concentration of absolute selection of basketball in San Fernando, on Tuesday to travel to Toronto and Memphis and their initial contracts with the Raptors and Grizzlies, respectively, reported the Spanish Federation of Basketball (ELF)."

Most people know I respect Dave Berri's work over at Wages of Wins but this time it is more difficult than normal. His piece titled The Memphis Mirage is accurate but doesn't tell the whole story in my opinion and is based on some information that is questionable at best as to it's relevancy to the NBA. Still everyone is free to make up their own mind.

I don't know who this blogger is but he puts up an interesting list of all-time great players for the Grizzlies. Check it out at Fox Sports.

Sometimes it is hard to laugh at what the media says about our fair city but Nation of Grizzlam puts a great spin on the things with the blog titled Because We're Good Enough, Smart Enough...and Doggone It, People Like Us. has their first edition of the rookie rankings up and Memphis's own OJ Mayo and former Tiger Derick Rose go 1-2 in the list. And people say Memphis never gets any props!

I swear the Memphis Flyer should pay us for the free advertising but Chris Herrington had a few must read blogs last week including Message Board Responses where he cleared up a few rumors and misconceptions.

The Charleston Gazette has an interesting article on Chris Wallace and what he has done with the Grizzlies in trading for O J Mayo.

Seems like a day can't go by before the media blasts the Grizzlies for something. Here is another example of Grizz Bashing This time from Bleacher Report. As usual the article claims to be making one arguement but fails to do what it claims.

Finally, another ill-informed view of the Grizzlies situation in Memphis. Why do people just overlook a 17 yr lease when talking about the Grizzlies moving to Seattle?

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Anonymous said...

People are so stupid sometimes. They say things that they can't back up, like saying Memphis will move to Seattle. They don't know that it will be like 10 years before that option even opens up? It's just dumb.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Sack from First of all thanks for the link! As I wrote to an avid reader of yours Jacob, I specifically quoted ESPN's Ric Bucher as the source of the story, and mentioned that he thought Memphis was the logical team to move there. Personally, although I criticized Chris Wallace after he and Heisley allowed the Lakers to fleece them, I gave credit to Wallace to what he did in the draft. I think your team has an up and coming All-Star in Mike Conley Jr. I certainly would not want to see another community lose it's team! Again Chip, thanks for the link! It took a nothing story and turned it into a big deal!

Chip Crain said...

Jeff - Glad I could make your day and I would be very careful about using Bucher as a source for anything.

And I agree that if the Grizzlies moved to Seattle they should definately change the name. I wish they had changed the name when the team came to Memphis! It's too late now but it would have been nice to have a local reference for the team instead of the Grizzlies.

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