Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mock Draft for Historical Purposes

I, for one, always hate when people criticize other people's work, but never have the guts to put their own efforts out there for everyone to see. Since I plan on keeping a list of all the notable mock drafts for later ridicule (and praise), I feel compelled to provide my own listing of the first round so that others may do the same to me. You'll notice that I'm not listing the teams, because I am listing my draft in the order I expect the players to be picked. I believe there will be a lot of movement in this year's draft, so why bother looking at teams' needs? Here we go!

1. Derrick Rose
2. Michael Beasley
3. O.J. Mayo
4. Brook Lopez
5. Kevin Love
6. Jerryd Bayless
7. Eric Gordon
8. Joe Alexander
9. Russell Westbrook
10. Danilo Gallinari
11. Anthony Randolph
12. D.J. Augustin
13. Donte Green
14. Darrell Arthur
15. Brandon Rush
16. Kosta Koufus
17. Robin Lopez
18. Marreese Speights
19. Courtney Lee
20. DeAndre Jordan
21. JaVale McGee
22. Alexis Ajinca
23. Roy Hibbert
24. Mario Chalmers
25. Chris Douglas-Roberts
26. Serge Ibaka
27. J.J. Hickson
28. D.J. White
29. Bill Walker
30. Jason Thompson

Next 5:
Nicolas Batum
Ryan Anderson
Nathan Jawai
DeVon Hardin
Kyle Weaver

Updated after the Indiana/Toronto and Denver/Charlotte trades (7:00 PM)

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