Monday, June 23, 2008

Links: Marc Gasol News, Draft Scuttlebutt

It was reported late last week that the Memphis Grizzlies had negotiated a 3-year, $9 million contract with F/C Marc Gasol, whose rights they had received in the trade that sent his brother, Pau, to the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, of course this can't be entirely true, since the Grizzlies cannot officially discuss contracts with Gasol until July 1st (winkwinknodnod), but the reports continue to trickle out with Marc stating that he will be in the NBA next season.

If this is true (and I suspect that it is), then this is great news for the Grizzlies. I said a few weeks ago that Marc Gasol was the key to the offseason. The fact that he will be on board for the upcoming season and that the front office is aware of this before the draft is very good news indeed. As we get more news on this, we'll be sure to update this developing story.

USA Today has a list of the Top 5 Sleepers in the draft, including some notable names of local interst.

Check out the Mock Drafts we participated in on Ridiculous Upside and on

Mike Miller was the recipient of the NBA Community Assist Award for the month of May.

Geoff Calkins had a great column about Eric McMahon in Sunday's Commercial Appeal. It's great to see that Eric is recovering and is looking forward to returning to the role of Grizz next season.

Calkins followed that up with some humorous insight into the upcoming draft.

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