Monday, March 10, 2008

True Loyalty, Even Better!

It know it sounds like that Volkswagen ad about 'Sign then Drive, much better' but I am serious.

Some of you may have read my blog on Friday about the Grizzlies new marketing campaign for season ticket holders that opened with the comment 'True Fans Only'. My point was that this could be viewed negatively by the fans of the team who do all they can to support the Grizzlies but aren't season ticket holders.

Apparently the Grizz got the word from more people than just me. Or this was always their intention that got misinterpreted by me from the first mailing.

Either way, today the Commercial Appeal has an article out that has changed that message to a far more appropriate "True Loyalty" concept.

Starting this week, the Griz will seek season-ticket renewals for the 2008-09 season with a "True Loyalty" campaign aimed at recognizing a fan's long-standing partnership with the team.

Among the items to entice the season ticket holders are some really incredible prizes like a luxury suite stocked with goodies for 24 people, framed autographed jerseys of players and the coup de grace, a weekend road trip with the Grizzlies.

But those are just for the lucky few. The real perks are the upgrades the team is offering the rest of the season ticket holders: the Griz will offer 6,000 Terrace Level season tickets at $10 per game for next season, special access to concession stands reserved for season ticket holders, more access to the team, a separate box-office window, merchandise discounts and special entry times to games and a special tent at the Barbecue Cook-Off for season ticket holders only.

You have to love the way the Grizzlies are integrating themselves into Memphis activity with the tent. I have lived in NBA cities all over the country and believe me not one sports team in those cities have been as involved in their community as the Grizzlies are in Memphis.

Perks for lifetime season ticket holders - those who have been season ticket holders for all 7 previous seasons and renew- are even more impressive. A full season of NBA League Pass awaits those truly loyal fans who have been season ticket holders for every year the franchise has been in Memphis.

Does this sound like a team getting ready to move out of town? Do you think the Colts were giving away weekend trips with the team and NBA League Pass while calling Allied Moving? These are not inexpensive perks at all.

And to think they did this without insulting anyone who would gladly buy season tickets but for whatever reason can't.

Great job Grizzlies. This season has been a tough one as a fan but it is nice to see that those who are sticking with the team are appreciated.


NancyW said...

Chip, I must say that at the game Saturday night I heard some very negative comments about the "true fan" marketing campaign. People were quite upset that the definition of a true fan is a season ticket holder.

I was even a bit offended by this since I attend all weekend games, but season tickets are quite impossible for me since I live two hours from Memphis. However, I realized that I don't need the Grizzlies' marketing department to tell me that I'm a true fan. I show the team as much loyalty and support as anyone!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could get season tickets, but I also live two hours away.

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