Monday, March 10, 2008

Links: Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings, Rebuilding, Going Green?

TWolves Blog has the 8th edition of the Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings up. The fight between LeBron/Kobe and Durant/Horford for top honors in each category is almost too close to call as they battle down to the wire.

Hoopsworld's Ed Kacik has an outstanding article titled "Grizzlies struggle through rebuilding". Although I'm sure that isn't news to any of you Grizzlies fans out there, he did manage to put enough interesting quotes from Grizzlies' players in there to raise an eyebrow or two.

In a rather astute observation, Marc J. Spears (Boston Globe) notes that GM Chris Wallace would not have been able to follow the Celtics' blueprint in building a contender overnight. Wallace obviously agrees.

Bleacher Report has apparently never heard the axiom "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". Because of that, they had no problem in naming the Grizzlies the "Worst in the West". Actually, that's a lot nicer than some of the things I've heard said about them recently. The analysis is accurate, even if it is brutally honest in many parts.

The Free Throw Line jumps on the analysis bandwagon with their own review of the Boys from Beale Street.

Things to do in Memphis while waiting for the NBA Draft (do I really need to say any more?)

The NBA Season of Drew is a blog that follows one man's quest to visit all 30 NBA arenas. Last week, he witnessed the Grizzlies taking on the Utah Jazz. He had some very complimentary things to say about his visit and has a ton of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

There is some talk on the Grizzlies Message Boards about acquiring the recently waived Gerald Green, but Chris Vernon was quick to put the kibosh on that, correctly noting that "Taking a flyer on Gerald Green would cost money, so it will not happen." My thoughts exactly. Well, that and I think Green sucks out loud.

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