Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mini Links (Small, but packed with goodness)

Normally, I'd save links like these for another day or two until I had enough to warrant a "Links" post. But these two are too good not to put up immediately.

The Association: The Grizzlies are the NBA's "Slump Buster". They have taken note of the fact that due to a scheduling quirk, the Grizzlies continue to play teams that have either made a big trade recently or are in desperate need of a win to stem the tide of losing. A quick excerpt:

The NBA's real Washington Generals, the NBA's beer goggles, the NBA's Vicodin, the NBA's liquid courage, the NBA's Dr. Feelgood, the NBA's HGH (but only to recover from injuries and not to throw fastballs at age 45)...

The Score: Let's do Vancouver again. What would it look like if the Grizzlies had never left their original location? Jeff Wong is willing to take a look at that re-written history and see what could have been...including a different mascot.

Blog of the Day: The Melo Backpedal

BallHype: hype it up!


Jeff W said...

Thanks for the link love, er, laddy.

Do you like the Grizzlies nickname? What would you have called the team?

ChipC3 said...

Well Grizzlies has a tradition in Memphis believe it or not.

The Memphis Southmen were also called the Grizzlies in the WFL. That was another Canadian team Memphis 'acquired.'

I think most Memphians were pretty ambivalent toward the name. There wasn't an over-riding desire to name the team the Express (a derivative of FedEx of course) or something like that so keeping the name was cool with most people.

It is a rather moot point now.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting a petition to rename the team the Mighty Memphis Power Rangers right this instant.