Thursday, March 6, 2008

Boston Can't Lose This Game

Boston has three players destined for the NBA Hall of Fame in Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. Memphis has no one that looks to attain these lofty honors. There is no way that Boston can lose.

Boston has the best record in the NBA this season. Memphis has the 3rd worst record in the NBA and seem intent on catching the two teams behind them. There doesn't seem to be any way that Boston can lose.

Boston is 10th in the league in scoring but known for their defense which is allowing the 2nd fewest points per game in the league this season. Memphis is the 12th best scoring team abd the 2nd worst defensive team giving up over 105 ppg. Boston can't lose this game.

Boston holds teams to an NBA low 42.2% shooting percentage and is 4th best in the league hitting 47.4% of their own shots. Memphis is the worst team in the league allowing teams to shoot 47.9% from the field while only 16th in the league in FG percentage at 45.4% on the season. In case you missed that if Boston just has an average game shooting the ball it will improve our defensive FG% rating! There is no way Boston can lose.

Boston drafted a player known as 'Big Baby' in Glen Davis this summer. Memphis traded for a player known as the 'Big Disappointment' in Kwame Brown. There is no way Boston can lose this game.

Boston is 6th in the league in rebounding differential grabbing 1.95 more boards a game than their opponents. Memphis is 26th in the league giving up 2.85 more rebounds to their opponents than Memphis grabs. There is no way Boston can lose this game.

Boston is 6th in the league in winning percentage when they score 100+ points. Memphis is 28th in the same statistic. Speaking of statistics, PowerGrizz, the resident statologist of the Memphis Grizzlies message board, has Boston with a predicted to win the game 0.638821 to 0.361179. There is no way Boston can lose this game.

Memphis just won their first game since February 10th. That was a string of 8 straight losses. Boston hasn't lost since February 22nd and have lost only 12 games all season. Boston is currently on a 6 game winning streak. Memphis hasn't won back to back games since November 27th. There is no way Boston can lose this game.

The Boston Celtics were able to recruit dancers from all over the country and had a TV special on NBA-TV about the selection of their dance team. Not just one episode either. A series on the selection of dancers was aired on NBA-TV. Even the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition doesn't get a series on the girls. Memphis just lost one of their dancers so she could move to Pennsylvania. What's worse is that she isn't even from Pennsylvania! Apparently the option to be banished to a gulag in Siberia was already taken by a former press agent for the Grizzlies. She's not the first dancer to leave the squad this year either. The roster included 18 girls after tryouts, had 16 girls in November and rarely are there more than 12 on any given night these days. I guess it is just as hard to dance for the Grizzlies as cheer for them this season.

I know this is getting redundant but there is now way Boston can lose this game. I mean no way on Saturday, no way in March, no way this season and no way in any one's imagination! There is no way Memphis can win this game.

Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen have been to a combined 19 all-star games. 19 is also how old Javaris Crittenton is. No one on the Grizzlies roster has been to a single all-star game. Well Juan Carlos Navarro did announce the all-star game for a Spanish Network but that isn't the same thing. There is no way that Boston can lose this game.

Which is why I think the Grizzlies can't lose this game. There is absolutely no reason the Grizzlies should even be competitive and every reason to believe the Celtics should win easily. When the stars are that much in alignment bet against the obvious. Strange things happen when teams with no chance play teams that can't lose. Remember the Super Bowl this year? Take the points (there should be a lot to take) and watch the kids beat the all-stars on Saturday night in front of a packed house at FedEx Forum.

And If that isn't reason enough I will be out of town and won't be able to see the game. That is the most consistent indicator of a Grizzlies victory I know!

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