Sunday, February 17, 2008

All-Star Flame Out...Again

Well the All-Star Game celebrations are over for the Memphis Grizzlies and once again the results were less than hoped for by Memphis fans.

The Rookie-Sophomore shootout (it was hardly a contest) was a bomb, literally. Game MVP Daniel 'Boobie' Gibson from Cleveland took 20 three point shots and made 11. Yes he took 20 three point attempts, made 11 and didn't set the single game scoring record. It appears this game is supposed to make the teams that are rebuilding feel better that their players are represented. Memphis had three participants in the game. Seattle had two as did Portland, Utah and Toronto. Only one player will be suiting up Sunday as well (Brandon Roy of Portland).

Rudy Gay was 9-12 in the game but was ignored frequently when open under the basket or on breaks in favor or Boobie Gibson's three point shots or other selfish plays. Juan Carlos Navarro chipped in with 14 points on 6-11 shooting including and 4 assists but was ridiculed in the game by the broadcasters most often by Charles Barkely who's most recent athletic accomplishment was defeating an old man in a foot race. Mike Conley apparently didn't get the memo that this was supposed to be a 'me first' game as he dealt out 8 assists but only took three shots. Conley also committed 5 turnovers but most were caused by trying to be too sharing with the ball and catching people off guard. John Hollinger graded the Grizzlies this way: Rudy Gay - A, Juan Carlos Navarro - C, Mike Conley - D.

The Slam Dunk Contest was a continuation of the frustration for Memphis fans. Rudy Gay scored an inexplicable 36 points on his first dunk despite the high degree of difficulty. While Rudy's dunk was spectacular by itself, it was not up to the standards set that night. However his score came before the other dunks. Many dunks scored higher in the past were far less spectacular. Not that it mattered as Rudy was obviously not in the class of creativity and explosion as Howard and Green. So for the third time the Grizzlies have someone competing in the Slam Dunk contest and once again he failed to advance joining Hakim Warrick and Stromile Swift in that regard. The off-the stanchion slam dunk was impressive and showed what Rudy is capable of doing but it was too little too late this year.

The commentators didn't give Rudy much of a hope to begin but they did make a good point at the same time. Rudy is a game dunker not a showcase dunker. While he may not be as impressive as Gerald Green or Dwight Howard he is also most likel the one player capable of doing an incredible dunk in a game. Dunks off the back of the glass, in a Superman cape and even blowing out a cupcake make for some incredible creativity and showmanship you aren't likely to see one of those in a game. Rudy's first dunk was not only impressive in that format but is something he may pull off in a game as well. As a ticket buying fan that is more impressive to me.

When you throw in Pau Gasol being the only player not to score in his all-star appearnace (and getting faced by Ben Wallace on back to back shot attempts) the Memphis Grizzlies record in these events is rather poor.

The next thing the Grizzlies have to look forward to is their 4th game against Seattle on Tuesday night. The Grizzlies have won the previous three games and a clean sweep would be a nice accomplishment in what has been a disappointing season.

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