Monday, December 10, 2007

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Pete Pranica reads my mind one more time with his newest blog post "What Rattles Around My Brain". He succinctly captures what is "wrong" with this version of the Memphis Grizzlies -- a lack of leadership and the absence of a "closer" who will grab the game by and take over. Pete, if you read this blog, feel free to send us an e-mail, as we'd love to pick your brain for awhile.

Michael Conley updated his blog yesterday and took some questions from the fans. has Juan Carlos Navarro holding steady in the 5th position of its Rookie Rankings this week. has Instant Grits in the #4 spot, up from #7 last week.

Got a few power rankings to throw your way, as well.

MKE Bucks Diary (PVOA Ranking)
MKE Bucks Diary (NBA Offensive/Defensive Performance Rank)

Website/Blog of the Day -- Basketbawful

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