Thursday, October 25, 2007 Preview has their Memphis Grizzlies Team Preview up, where you'll find complimentary evaluations from Jon Barry and Chad Ford (both have us in the playoffs) and a questionable prediction from Greg Anthony, who has us as last in the West again. There is also a Player Spotlight on Tarence Kinsey and some analysis from stat freak John Hollinger. Oh yeah, some hack blogger gave them a few questions to ask GM Chris Wallace, too. Make sure you check out the other team previews and the questions bloggers had for their GM's. Most of them are absolutely hilarious.

A big thanks goes out to Henry Abbott from TrueHoop for including us in this. I owe him a cookie basket or something.


ChipC3 said...

Shameless self-promotion there Sparty!

I am shocked and saddened to see you stoop so low.


(that's me smiling with my glasses on signifying this is satire and should not be considered a serious remark)

Monkey Boy said...

Too bad only about ALL of these guys missed the real PG of the future on the Grizzlies Kyle Lowry. People are going to look back on this draft and be sad we didn't draft a big man...any big man rather than a PG.

zack said...

sshhh, monkey might force me to agree with you...


presently, i'll still buy into the plan to draft conley, though I hope there is also a plan to keep both long-term, because if I was forced to pick between Lowry or Conley, I think it is clear who'd I'd take...

ChipC3 said...

I think I heard Zack leading a cheer last night that went something like..

Give me a K

Give me a Y

Give me an L

Give me an E

What that spell.....LOWRY!!!!

Zack's a great guy but I worry about him sometimes.


circlek83 said...

Sometimes I am upset about the Conley draft too. If Horford were available, would we have taken him? I love Conley, but I still think Corey Brewer would have been the best choice given our team and the way Lowry has played.

ChipC3 said...

We asked Chris Wallace that very question about Horford and Conley and he said that he would have taken Conley even if Horford were available.

Of course what else could he say now? With Kyle's health still in question with the wrist and Damon's health a major question mark it was the smart pick in my opinion. We have to remember at the time of the draft Kyle was rumored to be struggling to pick up a remote control with his injured wrist and Damon was supposed to be washed up.