Friday, September 14, 2007

Around the Horn

I got a slew of quick hits and links for ya.

My goal is keep the Grizzlies as the main subject around here. But with little Grizzlies news (and only little more NBA news) to talk about I still find myself plenty saturated with sports. I echo what Spartacus said.

So I thought I would take a look at what is keeping my attention around the sports world. Hold on.

--The Patriots scandal has me fired up. And I think I am extra fired up because it is coming on the heels of the NBA ref scandal and the MLB steroid scandal (among a number of other sports scandals in cycling, racing, etc). Cheating and breaking league rules to gain a competitive advantage is not fair for the fans. I feel the amount of time I spend watching and discussing sports is wasted if the athletic competition is not on a level playing field. I'm there to see gifted athletes compete against each other honestly. I understand every team and player pushes the limits of their league rules. But I would hope when warned, they quit, and when caught, they graciously take their punishment without excuses. Back to the Patriots, I think they got off easy. Peter King, Dr. Z, and Mark Clayton agree with me. I would have liked to have seen a suspension for Belicheat. Especially in light of Wade Wilson getting 5 games.
--Greg Oden is out for the year (see below). Good news for the Grizzlies. I'm sorry to see that happen to him, though. And I don't feel very bad for the Blazers. I'm still resentful for getting #4 (instead of #2, haha). But I'll shyly admit the news didn't surprise me (wink, wink). Even without Oden though, I think the Blazers will be better than predicted. Probably better than Seattle and should-have-been #1 pick Kevin Durant.
--Which reminds me of the oh so obvious Bill Simmons article that has been posted. The Sports Guy is saying I told you so, of course Durant should have been the #1 pick. I do like his story about seeing both Oden and Durant walking down the halls at the ESPY's and how Durant glided down the hallway, while Oden staggered like 50 year old Fred Sanford.
--Enough of all of the Patriots and Oden stuff. Do you know what is really consuming my sports addicted mind? Here is a hint. Yep, that's right...
--Titans vs Colts. Noon. CBS. First home game. Defending champions. Divisional rivals. Peyton Manning. Vince Young. I am about to explode with excitement. My homer tendencies have probably blinded me. I see a Titan win. I am totally convinced. VY is not always the prettiest and most polished quarterback, but there isn't a football player in America that I trust more when a play needs to be made. Especially in big games. And this game is big. Last year the Titans played the Colts (or Clots as I like to call them) close, splitting the season series with both games decided by a 3 points or less. But that was without tag team champion cornerback Pacman Jones (2nd best cornerback and best return man in the league, IMO). I'm curious to see how the Titans new cornerbacks, former Colt Nick Harper and sophomore Cortland Finnegan, fare against Harrison and Wayne. I'm pretty confident that the Titans can win the battle between the tackles. Haynseworth will be good and pissed after his $5000 fine. The Titans have one of the most under-rated offensive lines (read this story about Roos, it is good). I like the combination of LenDale and Chris Brown. My prediction is Titans 17 - Colts 13.
--Around the NFL...Why can't the Ravens and Bears fix their offensive woes...Romeo needs to start Brady now...The Giants just have the look of a team ready to implode...In week 1 I was surprised by the amount of teams that looked worse than expected...I'm taking the Chargers against the Pats...Packers over the Giants...and Eagles over Skins...
--Some turmoil surrounding the Memphis Tigers of late. Players in a brawl and making it rain. Recruits decommitting. But I still see them being the best team in the country for most of the year and am excited about seeing them at the Forum this year. Maybe even a few Tigers-Grizzlies Saturday double-headers.
--After the opening week loss to Ole Miss, I have no idea what to expect from the Memphis Tigers football squad this year. And I'm worried about 3 games in 11 days.
--How are your fantasy teams doing? Right now my best fantasy move has been taking Andre Johnson as my #1 WR in all my leagues.
--In College Football news, I'm looking forward to the USC-Nebraska matchup Saturday night. --Put me down for Nebraska pulling off the upset.
--In MLB news, looks like the Cardinals won't push past the Brewers and Cubs.
--In Nascar news, my money is on Smoke to win the Chase.
--What sports blogs do you like to read? These 4 get a lot of my attention. Profootballtalk. AOL Fanhouse. True Hoop. All of the blogs under the SBNation banner. And in that spirit, let's take a cruise thru the sports blogsphere and see what is out there...
--Mike Conley reports that pick-up games at the Forum at heating up. I'm pumped for next season. Bring on training camp.
--Hakim Warrick reports that he is still getting his legs when playing Madden '08. Did I say that I'm pumped for next season?
--I'm enjoying the the Chris Wallace radio segments with Chris Vernon. In case you haven't heard, I'm pumped about next season. Go Grizzlies!
--I echo Henry Abbott at True Hoop about former Tiger Shawne Williams arrest. Why do it in the car? Keep the illegal drugs at home.
--Whoa, this thing is getting long. Let's quit there. Enjoy a weekend stuffed to the brim with sports. Cheer for the Titans.

Edit....a big WOW regarding the post above by Chip...much props to Chris Wallace...and Chip for getting it set up and informing us about the discussion that occurred....I can't believe I missed an opportunity to meet Chris Wallace...

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