Thursday, May 24, 2007

What Memphis Needs

The Memphis Grizzlies need some young blood in the front office.

They have gone with the expensive old guys and have little to show for it. Now the team needs someone to sell this franchise to their fan base by getting involved. Another expensive big name coach won't work around here. The Grizzlies to get some people that won't hide from the press but will get out and get this community fired up on the future. They have Rudy Gay, Kyle Lowry, Hakim Warrick and Tarence Kinsey to build with. They have Mike Miller and Pau Gasol in the prime of their careers. The 4th pick in the draft will never be Greg Oden or Kevin Durant but he will be a great player. They have a lot to be positive about on the team.

The front office is a disgrace however and it is dragging down the efforts of everyone. It was shameful to put Tony Barone on the bench last season. It is embarrassing that in an arena that is at best half full most nights the two best seats in the house are usually unoccupied by either Pitt Hyde or Michael Heisley. This city has had enough of Jerry West peering over his wine glass in his empty suite. Bring in some people that want to make this franchise successful. Bring in coaches who have prepared for the opportunity and want to be coaching the team. Bring us some front office people that are willing to mix it up with the common man to get them excited about the NBA. Give us an owner that loves the game and wants to see his team play every night like the Maloof Brothers or Mark Cuban.

If you give the local fans something to get excited about then Memphis can and will support this franchise. The city is just waiting to fall in love with this team but after years of being scorned by major leagues they are a little gun shy. If you try and fool them with big names being paid ridiculous sums of money that don’t want to mingle with the common people then you will have serious problems in Memphis. Memphis has always been a large town not a small city. You need to get the citizens involved by becoming part of the family not by trying to impress them with who you are. Heisley needs to stop thinking like a Chicago fan and start getting in touch with what Memphis wants.

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In order for Heisley to know what Memphis wants, he has to actualy spend time in Memphis. This hiring a Coach before a GM crap is a joke. The Pre Draft camps start next week and then the Pre Draft workouts begin. Who's calling the shots? West? he's outta hee in month. what a joke!!