Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who The H is Brent Petway?

Remember that big free agent splash we were hoping for?

Perhaps a signing of a "diamond in the rough?"

It is here, for grizzle my nizzle.

The one, the only Brent Petway.

Aside from his last name sounding like a third-rate store to buy dog food, Mr. Petway is 6''8 and 205 pounds. Loosely translated, that means Hakim Warrick looks like Bob Sapp compared to this guy.

Just kidding. Hakim is 6'9 and 219.

Petway will bring quickness and athleticism to the 4-spot for the Grizz in camp, and he brings with him a championship!

(I know, I know, its a D-League Slam Dunk Championship, but I'm trying to be positive. Sunshine Patrol has their claws in me but I'm not giving in quite yet.)

Petway is not a good rebounder upon glance of his stats.

He averaged 3.8 rebounds per contest with the Idaho Stampede. He did shoot 54.6 percent from the field, which is good for a 4-man.

But 3.8 rebounds?? Come on. Boozer is 6'8 and Ben Wallace has to be 6'6 and he grabs 11 a game! His game minutes are unknown at this point, but he started 27 contests for the Stampede.

In other camp fodder news, the Grizz have brought on Malick Badiane. Big Bad Badiane (I hope he stays on just so I can call him that) averaged 4.4 rebounds a contest starting all 5 summer league games and playing 19 minutes. He looked raw, but looked to be a decent rebounder and could spell Darko/Arthur or make a good IR player. He might get splinters in his posterior, but he could be a help when and if called upon.

This brings our camp roster to the maximum 16. Out of the two, I would go with Badiane. He played with our summer league team as did Petway, but Badiane made more of an impression, and got more minutes alongside Conley, Mayo etc. Familiarity, no matter how little is always a positive, along with his rebounding stats are decent for a raw talent who could develop into a backup and not just a pine-rider.

Regardless, the Grizz have some bodies to put Darko and Arthur up against in camp. I'm calling it now: The Grizz need frontcourt help, and they will look to Malick Badiane for the 15th roster spot.

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