Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guest Post: Don't Call DeShawn Stevenson "Soulja Boy"

When Heckling Opponents Goes Wrong

by Mario Latilleon

I am a Memphis Grizzlies fan. I grew up a Memphis Tigers fan, and I take pride in the fact Bob Huggins once called us the most obnoxious fans in America. Last night at the game against the Wizards, I guess my rambunctious antics went too far. I got under DeShawn Stevenson's skin. When I got under DeShawn Stevenson's skin, I got on the wrong side of the law as far as Washington Wizards security saw me. I did not plan to heckle DeShawn Stevenson, it just happened. As I pondered the things I would yell at the opposing team for fun, right before the game, I remembered Lebron James' slam of the decade on a loquacious DeShawn Stevenson like Dave Chappelle recalling Negrodomus during his ride with Wayne Brady:

"That would be like Jay Z saying something back to Soulja Boy...there's no point."

So along with my warnings to Etan Thomas of calling Brendan Haywood after fouling Grizzlies players, tons of fun with Darius Songalia of the Reggie Cleveland All-Stars, and one comment to Antawn Jamison about looking like Midget from "New Jersey Drive"; I spent most of the first quarter calling DeShawn Stevenson "Soulja Boy" everytime he was within earshot. When Stevenson got a rebound or played defense, I kept at it with the Soulja Boy chants. When the Grizzlies shot free throws, I really got at it: not only would I scream Soulja Boy, I would stand and hop back doing the superman move from the song/dance. With three or four minutes left in the 1st quarter, it finally seemed like I got DeShawn Stevenson's attention. On the bench, Deshawn Stevenson started yelling something at me; unfortunately I could not hear what he was saying. Etan Thomas, sitting next to Stevenson was yelling at me too, but I really could not make out what they were saying. Within a minute of them yelling at me, a Damon Stoudamire look-a-like doing security for the Wizards came over with an police officer and asked me to stop heckling Stevenson. Since I was wearing a Damon Stoudamire jersey at the time, I thought he would give me a little more love. When I asked the security guy what I said that was wrong, he told me that he didn't want a back and forth between Stevenson and me to escalate into anything. My response was I didn't say anything vulgar or offensive so I was within the NBA fan code of conduct, but he told me I was ruining the experience of everyone around me by yelling the whole game and he would stitch to NBA security and have me removed. I asked him to provide the NBA Code of Conduct and the rule I was breaking, he promised he would bring it to me. I got adamant that I was not saying anything offensive; the guy got more threatening and said, "Okay... You keep it up... you'll be outta here." One couple next to me cheered the security guy because I guess I was ruining their peaceful, reflective experience at a sporting event, but the people behind me, whose view I would have actually obstructed doing the superman part of the Soulja Boy told me I was okay when I apologized if I was ruining their experience.

Now the security and FedExForum staff I spoke to about everything told me they didn't see anything wrong with what I did as long as I wasn't cursing or threatening the players. A little later in the game, a Wizards player heckled me when the Wizards were shooting a free throw and I was still silently soothing from my encounter. I had one final discussion with the Wizards security guy during halftime when he saw me asking the original escorting officer for clarification of how my behavior was excessive enough to be removed from the game. As far as I was concerned, this security guy was so agitated with me that anything I yelled could have been crossing the line. The security came over and argued with me like he was a Damon Stoudamire looking Mike Fratello. Since I didn't appreciate the threats, I calmly told him that I was going to be a fan whether he liked it or not. I wasn't going after Stevenson or any other Wizards player for that matter. I stopped the heckling, but became sarcastically supportive of the Wizards for much of the 3rd quarter. Oddly, I think yelling "Go Wiz" is more offensive than "Soulja boy Tell'em!"

I spent the 4th quarter doing more yelling at the Grizz than the Wizards. When the game was over, the Wizards left the bench and were walking across the court fifteen feet away from me. While I was looking at my cell phone responding to a text, I saw a hand towel flying towards me out of the side of eye. The towel was soaked in ice cold water. I did not see which Wizard was the thrower, but I originally thought it was Caron Butler because I noticed he was grinning at me. There he was, sneaking around Butler with Roger McDowell like stealth was Soulja Boy himself, Deshawn Stevenson. The most telling fact of the wet towel was the hit was below my calf on my leg. With a shot like that, Stevenson had to be the thrower. Soulja Boy is not only no Lebron James, he's no Big Shot Bob either.

I don't think I crossed the line calling him Soulja Boy. Though I know NBA team personnel is sensitive after the Detroit event, maybe instead of going after me, the team needs to teach these players to grow up and overlook it. I wasn't calling Stevenson anything dirty or personal. I referred to him as something from a well publicized feud.

I will continue doing what I do, which is heckling opposing players. I try to be sensitive to other fans, but I yell most of the game, and participate. I am energetic and can be obnoxious, and I make no apologies about it. If yelling at an opposing player takes them out of their game, I'm down for doing it. I would not say anything I would not want children to hear.

And I note something from the NBA fan code of conduct...

Guests will enjoy the basketball experience free from disruptive behavior, including foul or abusive language or obscene gestures.

So at what point are you disruptive at a sporting event? I guess if the people around you cannot enjoy themselves, but you could be bothersome to someone near you for yelling "DE-FENSE" everytime the home team played defense chant music. In addition, what does Deshawn Stevenson do if he's got 15,000 fans chanting "Soulja Boy" every time he touches the basketball? Does he get angry with each of them? Will Damon Securamire have the Wizards play before an empty hostile arena?

I feel like Kramer.


ksmithfan3 said...

I saw the Grizz Fan/Stevenson/Security event happen from my chair about halfway across the arena. I told my girlfriend that visiting players should enter a semi-hostile environment and we shouldn't be trying to make things more comfortable for visiting teams. I also said that the only reason security should be stopping a Grizz fan from heckling is if it is crass or if it is bothering the Grizzlies fans at the arena. We shouldn't be catering to DeShawn Stevenson. It's called home court ADVANTAGE for a reason. Seriously!

Samuel said...

The idea that they would try to stop you yelling at opposition players is ridiculous. What do they expect? I am glad you didnt fold and please keep going. The Griz are going to need all the help they can get.

LeftWingCracker said...

Hell, they should be appreciative that ANYBODY came out for an exhibition game. The NBA boxscore listed 7700 as the attendance, but Calkins made it look like it was about 700...

Matt said...

You're an unbelievable loser. I would have knocked you out if you were jumping up and being a douche like that for the entire game. Is that the most creative thing you could come up with? Do you think it got tired for the rest of the people around you having to watch do your f@ggity little soulja boy dance? You're a loser guy.

HPTMatt said...

Just to let everyone know...HPTMatt and the above Matt are two different people.

Latty, you know you're just still upset that Stro is gone ;)

As far as my opinion on the "altercation" itself, anyone (especially Zack, and Chip has seen me let loose too once or twice) can tell you that I am COMPLETELY unafraid to cut loose at games, vocal-wise. I keep it totally clean, but I'm not afraid to be loud...heckling is part of what a patron is allowed to do, IMO. At last season's home closer, I was courtside, and I attracted Rashad McCants' attention just a bit, but it was minor and stayed good-natured...he thought I was kidding around...

Wish I could have been there to help out last night, Latty.

Rick said...

It is tough to get spirited fans in that place so I would think they would give a fan like you tickets to hang around. Deshawn behaved like a jerk waving his hand in front of his face when two of his SEVEN three-pointers fell. Insufferable! In pre-season no less! He deserves to get heckled.

Latilleon said...

matt, your opinion is your opinion. I make noise at a sporting event. Always have, always will. I think FedExForum is too quiet. But if your further comment was that was I said was not creative enough? Glad to know how current you are with the NBA. When an NBA player throws a towel at you, I'll respect your opinion.

Jacob said...

i saw the whole thing... i thought it was hilarious! stevenson was not at all happy. the security guy was out of line if that is truly what went on. i'd be heckling just as loud if i sat as close to the visitor's bench as you Lat. unfortunately, i am closer to the legion of fans chanting for antoine walker to come in the game in the last 5 minutes against the bobcats. it's like he's become the token white guy that gets chanted into the game during tiger blowouts.

Brandon said...

Making noise like anyone else at a sporting event is one thing; acting like an arse is a different story. Enjoy the game like any other fan. Be a little louder and more animated if you feel so inclined. But don't be such an arse that the people next to you clap when you're told to shut up. That should have told you that it was time to stop.

Richard Thompson said...

Wait. Is this the same Mario who got so drunk at the Grizzlies draft party that the Grizz announcer threatened to take him outside and whoop his ass?

Dude, were you drunk at the game too?

Latilleon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Latilleon said...

Drunk? Aww... I think not.

Now Richard, I've known Eric Hasseltine since he came to Memphis. If he did not know he, he would not have spoken in such a way. Despite your mistaken assumption the only way a person can have a big mouth and behave in an over-the-top matter is to be loaded with alcohol, I'd like to assure you there are people who do not mind going to parties and sporting events with energy and a desire to be infestious enough others will get involved. I explained myself sufficently, and if you have further questions, feel free to email me.

But I guess you are too sophisicated for us backwoods Tiger fans.

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“Selamat pada Manchester City untuk kemenangan yang hebat. Kadangkala anda memang membutuhkan kekalahan,” jelas Guardiola.
“Di Bundesliga kami telah memenangkan semuanya. Di Manchester kami menang 3-1, namun kami kalah hari ini dan harus menerima itu. Namun saat ini kamu sudah mempersiapkan diri untuk laga minggu depan di Marrakesh (untuk Piala Dunia antar klub),” tutup Guardiola.
Berita yang dirangkum oleh Agen Bola online terpercaya, Bayern Munich akan bertarung dengan klub juara lain dari seluruh benua di ajang Piala Dunia Antar Klub FIFA sebagai juara Liga Champions. Tahun ini turnamen akhir tahun tersebut bakal diadakan di Maroko.
Sumber :

chamroeun chelsea said...

Kaka Ingin Cetak Gol ke 100 Sebagai Pemain AC Milan

Berita sepak bola terheboh dari Agen Judi terkenal, Gelandang Ricardo Kaka berharap mencetak gol ke-100nya sebagai pemain AC Milan dan membawa timnya menang pada pertandingan Serie-A melawan Inter Milan, di Giuseppe Meazza, Minggu (22/12/2013). Menurutnya, itu akan menjadi hadiah Natal yang indah.

"Kami tidak konsisten dan melakukan kesalahan dalam sejumlah pertandingan. Aku tak tahu apakah ini soal kedewasaan, tetapi kami harus menunjukkan determinasi yang sama dalam setiap pertandingan, bukan hanya pada laga besar. Kami dalam proses pertumbuhan dan ini bisa membawa kami pada masa depan yang cerah," tutur Kaka.

Berita yang disampaikan di Agen Bola online terpercaya, Milan akan melawan Inter sebagai tim penghuni posisi ke-12 klasemen sementara Serie-A dengan rekor empat kali menang dan tujuh kali imbang dalam 16 pertandingan, sementara Inter adalah penghuni posisi kelima, dengan rekor tujuh kali menang dan tujuh kali seri dalam 16 pertandingan.

Sumber :

chamroeun chelsea said...

Kemenangan City 4-2 Atas Fulham

Berita Teranyar dari judi bola onlineterbaik, Manchester City memperoleh poin penuh saat berhadapan dengan Fulham dalam lanjutan Premier League di Stadion Craven Cottage, London, Sabtu (21/12/2013). The Citizens membungkus kemenangan 4-2 atas tuan rumah.

Pada awal babak pertama, Fulham lebih dahulu memiliki peluang mencetak gol pada menit ke-12. Akan tetapi, kerja sama Kieran Richardson dan Adel Taarabt masih bisa dimentahkan kiper City, Joe Hart.

Kegagalan tersebut langsung dibalas The Citizens. Memasuki menit ke-23, City berhasil membuka keunggulan lewat Yaya Toure. Tendangan bebas pemain asal Pantai Gading itu tak mampu dihentikan kiper Fulham, Maarten Stekelenburg.

Berita yang terangkum dalam Agen Bola ternama, The Citizens memastikan kemenangan 4-2 pada menit ke-83. Kali ini, giliran James Milner yang menggetarkan jala Fulham usai memaksimalkan umpan Alvaro Negredo.Kemenangan tersebut membawa City menempati urutan kedua dengan 35 poin dari 17 pertandingan. Bagi Fulham, kekalahan itu semakin menurunkan posisi ke urutan ke-19 dengan 13 poin.

Sumber :

chamroeun arsenal said...

Madrid ingin menang hingga saat-saat terakhir

Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 - Real Madrid harus bersusah payah untuk memetik kemenangan saat melawat ke kandang Valencia. Sempat dua kali disamakan, Ancelotti menilai El Real terus ingin menang hingga saat-saat akhir.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya - Soal performa tim besutannya, Ancelotti pun menilai bahwa Madrid mempunyai hasrat besar untuk menang hingga menit-menit akhir pertandingan.

"Jika sebuah tim melakukan pergantian pelatih, maka di sana ada motivasi dan keinginan lebih. Laga berjalan sulit, tapi secara keseluruhan kami bekerja dengan baik. Kami perlu memainkan laga dengan kecepatan tinggi dan setelah gol pertama kecepatan kami sedikit menurun. Itu adalah pertandingan bagus dan kami ingin memetik kemenangan hingga menit-menit terakhir. Kami sedikit kesulitan tapi hasil kemenangan ini sangatlah penting," jelas Ancelotti.

chamroeun arsenal said...

Manajer dan Pemain Bontang FC Di Hukum Seumur Hidup

Berita Teranyar dari judi bola onlineterbaik, Komisi Disiplin PSSI menjatuhkan hukuman larangan beraktivitas seumur hidup di sepak bola kepada manajer sekaligus pemain Bontang FC, Camara Fode. Hal itu dilakukan menyusul kasus pengaturan pertandingan pada play-off Grup K Liga Prima Indonesia 2013 antara Bontang FC kontra PSLS Lhokseumawe.

Laga itu dimenangi Bontang FC dengan skor 4-3. Camara diplot sebagai pelatih, tetapi karena lisensi belum memenuhi syarat, ia ditulis sebagai manajer tim pada laga tersebut agar tetap bisa duduk di bangku cadangan.

Berita yang diungkapkan dari judi bola online terbaik, Hukuman mengacu Kode Disiplin pasal 63 ayat 1, 2, 3, dan 4. Camara disebut sebagai pihak yang membagikan uang kepada pemain. Uang itu berasal dari pihak ketiga bernama Michael, yang diduga mafia dari Malaysia. Uang itu diberikan melalui Yusuf, yang disebut berasal dari Surabaya. Camara kemudian membagikan uang kepada pemain di hotel. Komdis juga menghukum pemain Bontang FC dan PSLS dengan larangan beraktivitas di sepak bola selama 24 bulan.

Sumber :

chamroeun manu said...

MU Meraih Kemenangan atas West Ham

Berita terkenal dari judi bola online terpercaya, Manchester United (MU) meraih kemenangan 3-1 atas West Ham United dalam lanjutan Premier League yang berlangsung di Stadion Old Trafford, Manchester, Sabtu (21/12/2013).

Pada menit ke-19, MU kembali berpeluang mencetak gol. Kali ini, sepakan tiba-tiba Antonio Valencia dari sisi kanan mengarah langsung ke gawang The Hammers. Lagi-lagi, Adrian menggagalkan kesempatan MU untuk unggul.

Berita yang diungkapkan dari judi bola online terbaik, The Hammers hanya bisa memperkecil kedudukan pada menit ke-82. Lolos dari perhatian bek-bek MU, striker West Ham, Carlton Cole, tinggal berhadapan dengan David de Gea. Dengan tenang, Cole mengirim bola melewati sela-sela kaki De Gea dan menggetarkan jala MU. Skor berakhir 3-1 untuk kemenangan MU.

Hasil ini membuat MU naik ke urutan ketujuh Premier League dengan 28 poin dari 17 pertandingan. Sementara West Ham terpuruk di posisi ke-17 dengan 14 poin.

Sumber :

chamroeun manu said...

Pedro mengaku senang dengan reaksi tim

Berita terbaru dan terkiniBola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 - Walaupun sempat tertinggal dua gol, Barcelona akhirnya bisa memetik kemenangan saat berhadapan dengan Getafe. Pedro Rodriguez pun senang dengan reaksi yang ditunjukkan oleh Los Cules itu.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya - Barcelona ketinggalan dua gol duluan sebelum akhirnya memetik kemenangan besar. Pedro mencetak Hat-trick, dan Cesc Fabregas meraih brace, hingga Barcelona pun menang dengan skor akhir 5-2.

"Kami senang dengan reaksi tim usai ketinggalan 2-0. Kami bisa melalukan reaksi, sikap dari rim sangat bagus," ujar Pedro.

Rima Mar said...

Pique : Catalunya Mampu Bersaing Di Level Atas

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Defender Barcelona Gerard Pique yakin tim nasional Catalunya dapat bersaing dengan tim terbaik di dunia.
Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Pemain international Spanyol telah enam kali membela kawasan ini dan kembali tampil ketika mereka menghadapi Cape Verde, Senin (30/12) waktu setempat.
Sejauh ini, Catalunya tidak masuk dalam anggota Fifa atau Uefa sehingga tak bisa bersaing di Piala Dunia maupun Eropa, tapi Pique yakin mereka dapat berbicara di level tinggi.
“Malam ini, pemain kelas dunia berada di lapangan,” ujarnya.
“Ya, itu benar kami dapat bersaing di level tinggi dengan tim lain, tapi saya tak tahu seberapa jauh. Penting melihat sepakbola tanpa cedera.”
Sumber :

Ratih Gema said...

Rodgers : Liverpool Tidak Bergantung Pada Suarez

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Brendan Rodgers menegaskan Liverpool bukan one-man team, meski performa Luis Suarez mendominasi pemberitaan musim ini.
Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Striker Uruguay mencetak 19 gol di pembuka musim 2013/14, meski sempat absen di lima laga perdana akibat sanksi menggigit bek Chelsea Branislav Ivanovic.
Walau demikian, Rodgers ingin membuktikan pemain yang kurang mendapat kesempatan tetap menjadi bagian penting tim.
“Ini grup yang selalu mendapat label sebagai one-man team,” ucap Rodgers.
“Yang terpenting, di atas itu semua, kami memberikan penampilan. Kami bekerja dengan jalan tertentu yang sejalan dengan semua orang sehingga semua orang tahu ketika mereka datang ke tim mereka tahu tugas mereka dan secara spesifik apa yang mereka lakukan,” Rodgers menambahkan.
Sumber :

rathana em said...

Cagliari’s Nainggolan to move to Roma

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Cagliari midfielder Radja Nainggolan has agreed to sing on loan to Roma until the end of the season.
Roma will pay will pay €3million for the temporary switch and have reserved the right to purchase Radja Nainggolan for €6m at the end of the Serie A campaign.
Radja Nainggolan, 25, will play for Roma until June 2008.
Nicola Salerno, Cagliari sporting director, also gave his blessing to the move and also backed the midfielder to be a hit in Rudi Garcia's set-up. as reported by Agen judi terpercaya
"He is going to a top club with a great team. Radja has the qualities to do well. How would I describe Nainggolan? He is a player that can do well anywhere," Nicola Salerno said.

emratha bong said...

Blackpool’s Chopra was fined over expletive tweet

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Blackpool striker Michael Chopra was fined over £10,000 by the club over expletive tweet.
The fine from the club comes after the striker revealed on the social network that only six players attended a session taken by the club's fitness coach and pulled no punches in his assessment of the situation.
"In light of a tweet from striker Michael Chopra, Blackpool Football Club can confirm that the player will receive a maximum fine and has been warned about his future conduct," the club’s statement said.
"The player, who has the right to appeal, has since apologized for the tweet and removed the contents from his account. as reported by Agen judi terpercaya
"The manager (Paul Ince) has requested that the fine levied against Chopra, which equates to more than £10,000, be donated to the club's Community Trust, to assist in their work as part of Altogether Now - A Legacy for Blackpool," the statement added.

ratha em said...

Aston Villa’s Clark hope Kozak’s return be stronger

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Ciaran Clark, a defender of Aston Villa, has hoped that his team-mat Libor Kozak will be stronger when he returns form injury.
Striker Libor Kozak, who has missed the rest of the season due to his injury in training last Thursday, has totally netted four goals in 14 Premier League appearances for Paul Lambert's men since signing from Lazio in September.
His absence brings some difficulties for the club.
"He's had his treatment and hopefully he'll come back stronger. All the lads are thinking of him. Hopefully he'll make a full recovery. We were playing a possession game and it was a clash of legs," Ciaran Clark said.
"No-one expected it and we thought he was going to get back up. The physio came on and knew it was a bad injury. "as reported by Agen judi terpercaya
"I didn't sense anything was wrong and I don't think anyone did. At the time people thought it was a normal challenge. I don't know if it was the impact of the way his leg went but it was innocuous and no-one expected it to be as bad," he added.

ry chard said...

Agen : Mandzukic Tak Tertarik Ke Juventus

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Agen Mario Mandzukic menegaskan striker Bayern Munich tersebut tidak tertarik bergabung ke Juventus bulan ini.
Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Seperti yang diketahui, juara bertahan Serie A Italia tersebut dikabarkan mengincar Mandzukic di bursa Januari ini, tetapi Ivan Cvetjkovic menyatakan bahwa transfer bukanlah opsi bagi kliennya untuk saat ini.
"Juventus? Mandzukic sepenuhnya fokus pada Bayern Munich. Dia memiliki kontrak selama dua tahun lagi setelah musim ini dan dia merasa sangat nyaman di Munich," ujarnya.
"Pep Guardiola benar-benar sangat menghargai Mario dan telah menunjukkan hal tersebut di paruh pertama musim ini.
"Mandzukic ingin bertahan di Bayern dan mempertahankan gelar juara Liga Champions."
Sumber :

ravy sok said...

Cech Senang Dengan Performa Chelsea

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Kiper flamboyan Chelsea, Petr Cech, mengaku sangat gembira dengan rentetan hasil cemerlang The Blues dalam beberpa pekan terakhir. Hal itu terjadi karena Desember 2013, jadi pekan super sibuk bagi Liga Primer Inggris musim ini.
Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Si Biru berhasil memenangi tiga dari empat laga yang sudah dilakoninya. Mereka mampu mencetak enam gol dan cuma sebiji gol yang bersarang di gawang Cech.
"Kami terus meningkat dari laga ke laga. Di sisi lalin, sangat penting untuk tak kebobolan dan mencetak banyak gol selama Natal," tutur Cech.
"Kami telah melalui periode sulit ini dengan baik. Kami mampu mendapatkan raihan poin dominan yang tersedia, dan itu memang jadi target kami," pungkas kapten Timnas Republik Ceko tersebut.
Sumber :

chamroeun oscar said...

City Lakukan Rotasi Di Piala FA

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Pelatih Manchester City Manuel Pellegrini mengakui dirinya akan merotasi pemain saat melakoni babak ketiga Piala FA menghadapi Blackburn Rovers akhir pekan ini.
Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Pellegrini menegaskan anak asuhnya memainkan terlalu banyak pertandingan di periode Natal dan perubahan yang ia lakukan akan tergantung pada jumlah pertandingan yang akan mereka mainkan nanti.
"Kami akan melakukan perubahan, karena kami bermain terlalu banyak dalam beberapa pekan terakhir," ujarnya.
"Kami ingin berusaha memiliki skuat yang bagus dan berusaha memenangkan pertandingan pertama Piala FA kami, karena bagi tim kami, ini adalah turnamen penting.
"Saya mengulang dari awal musim, kami akan bermain di setiap kompetisi dengan kepentingan yang persis sama. Ini akan menjadi laga sulit. Jika kami berpikir karena kami di Liga Primer dan mereka di Championship maka kami akan menang, itu adalah kesalahan besar."
Sumber :

Ga lucita said...

Djadjang Bantah Pilih Fortune Karena Terpaksa

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Pelatih Djadjang Nurdjaman membantah keras anggapan kalau dirinya terpaksa harus menerima Fortune Udo sebagai pengganti Djibril Coulibaly. Menurutnya, ia sudah sejak lama tahu kualitas striker asal Nigeria tersebut.
Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Anggapan seperti itu memang wajar muncul. Mengingat proses pergantian dari Djibril begitu cepat. Baru Senin lalu striker asal Mali itu bermain untuk PERSIB, dan Kamis kemarin langsung digantikan bomber asal Nigeria.
"Kalau kita terpaksa cari ganti karena Djibril cedera sih iya. Tapi, kalau terpaksa pilih Udo, tidak. Dia murni pilihan saya," tegas Djadjang, Jumat (17/01).

Sumber :

Dada vinada said...

Persiba Balikpapan Klaim Dapatkan Irfan Bachdim

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Lama tak terdengar kabarnya, Irfan Bachdim dikabarkan telah sepakat bergabung dengan Persiba Balikpapan untuk musim depan.

Hal ini disampaikan oleh Nicolas, Manajer Bisnis PT Persiba Beriman. Menurutnya, Irfan Bachdim telah sepakat bergabung ke Persiba dengan nilai kontrak Rp 1,2 miliar.
Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Sementara itu manajer Persiba, Faisal Husin mengatakan bahwa Bachdim tidak akan menjalani proses seleksi pemain.

"Kita sudah tahu kualitasnya," terang Faisal Husin.

Nama Bachdim sendiri didatangkan manajemen Persiba setelah mencoret pemain seleksi asal Paraguay, Carlos Ozuna yang dinilai belum memenuhi kriteria pelatih.

Sumber :

loy man said...

Kandas di Inter Island, Persebaya Minta TC

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Usai gagal melaju ke babak delapan besar Inter Island Cup (IIC) 2014, manager-coach Persebaya, Rahmad Darmawan mengajukan pemusatan latihan (TC). Namun, rencana ini belum mendapat persetujuan dari jajaran petinggi klub.
Berita yang diringkas agen bola City Holiday, Sementara itu, Diar Kusuma Putra, Direktur Utama PT Mitra Muda Inti Berlian membenarkan akan ada pertemuan dengan tim pelatih. "Semua akan kita bahas pada pertemuan itu," ujar pria berkacamata ini.

Sumber :

ry chard said...

Banding Kartu Merah Vidic Ditolak

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari Agen Bola - Banding Manchester United terhadap hukuman kartu merah yang didapatkan Nemanja Vidic saat melawan Chelsea pada Minggu (19/1) lalu, resmi ditolak.
Berita yang diringkas City Holiday, Dengan demikian Vidic tetap akan menjalani skorsing sebanyak tiga pertandingan.
Bek berusia 32 tahun itu mendapatkan kartu merah langsung dari wasit Phil Dowd karena tekel cerobohnya kepada Eden Hazard dan menambah pedih kekalahan 3-1 United di Stamford Bridge.
Seusai laga, manajer United David Moyes mengaku tak setuju dengan pengusiran Vidic tersebut. “Bagi saya, Vidic tak pantas mendapat kartu merah, ini adalah pelanggaran kartu kuning,” ungkapnya.
United pun melayangkan banding kepada Federasi Sepakbola Inggris (FA) untuk mereduksi hukuman bek Serbia itu. Namun usaha tersebut akhirnya gagal.
Sumber :

ravy sok said...

Diarra Ingin Tinggalkan West Ham

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari Agen Bola - Alou Diarra mengungkapkan rasa frustrasinya di West Ham United dan berharap bisa meninggalkan klub London tersebut dalam waktu dekat.
Berita yang diringkas City Holiday, Diarra bergabung dengan West Ham dari Olympique Marseille pada Agustus 2012. Sejak itu, pemain 32 tahun itu kesulitan untuk menembus tim utama. Di musim ini, Diarra bahkan hanya tampil lima kali.
Diungkapkannya, hengkang dari Upton Park menjadi prioritas utamanya saat ini karena dirinya merasa tak memiliki pengalaman mengesankan bersama West Ham.
"Ketika saya berbicara dengan pemain Prancis lainnya, saya ingin mendapatkan pengalaman seperti mereka, tapi ada perbedaan besar di antara kami. Pengalaman luar biasa di Liga Primer, saya tak mendapatkannya," jelas Diarra.
Diarra menambahkan tak sabar meninggalkan West Ham karena merasa tak lagi memiliki masa depan di Upton Park.
Sumber :

chamroeun oscar said...

Agen : Bendtner Fokus Ke Arsenal

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari Agen Bola - Tom Brooks selaku perwakilan Nicklas Bendtner meredam rumor transfer yang terus menyebut striker Denmark itu bakal meninggalkan Arsenal di bursa bulan ini.
Berita yang diringkas City Holiday, Bendter, yang musim lalu dipinjamkan ke Juventus, kabarnya kembali dilirik oleh sejumlah klub Serie A Italia, tapi Brooks mengaku tak tahu-menahu soal adanya ketertarikan tim lain.
Ia pun menegaskan bahwa kliennya itu fokus kliennya saat ini masih buat Arsenal dan memulihkan diri dari cedera engkel yang tengah dideritanya.
"Anda harus bertanya kepada Arsene Wenger soal itu," jawab sang agen ketika dimintai tanggapan soal adanya kontak terkait potensi transfer.
"Kami belum berbicara dengan Arsenal soal itu. [Tapi] nanti kami mungkin akan mendiskusikannya dengan Arsenal kalau memang diperlukan."
"Nicklas fokus ke Arsenal dan memulihkan kebugarannya."
Sumber :

chamroeun oscar said...

Prandelli defends Balotelli after gesture

Agen Bola terpercaya reported,Italy coach Cesare Prandelli has defended Milan’s Mario Balotelli following his yellow card for a gesture towards the home fans at Cagliari.
Balotelli was cautioned by referee Daniele Doveri for unsporting behaviour after scoring an 87th-minute equaliser in Sunday’s game, which Clarence Seedorf’s men went on to win 2-1 thanks to Giampaolo Pazzini’s late header.
The booking will see Balotelli miss Milan’s next Serie A match at home to Torino through suspension, and he was fined for a similar incident against Inter in February last year.
However, Prandelli, who manages the former Manchester City forward at international level, insisted Balotelli still has his full support, while also praising the way new Milan coach Clarence Seedorf handled the situation.
“Balotelli will learn. He will need much love, he is a guy who we grant much to and who for Milan is important,” the 56-year-old reported by Indo Eleven.
“I believe that Seedorf has said the right things and that with his help we can pull out the good things that Mario has inside.

chamroeun oscar said...

Ribery aims to inspire France youngsters at World Cup

Agen Bola terpercaya reported,Franck Ribery hopes to inspire France’s younger generation of players at this year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil.
After their maiden World Cup triumph on home soil in 1998, France were eliminated in the group stages four years later, before finishing as runners-up in 2006 and making another pool-stage exit in South Africa.
France needed to beat Ukraine in a play-off to qualify for this year’s showpiece in South America, and Ribery insists getting out of their group with Honduras, Ecuador and Switzerland is France’s priority.
“We’re delighted to be among the 32 teams who will have the privilege of playing out there,” the Bayern Munich star told, as reported by Indo Eleven.
“We’re going to do our utmost to have a good tournament and to give the French fans something to cheer about, which is a big motivation.”
Ribery, who finished third in the FIFA Ballon d’Or behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi earlier this month, hopes his character can help the younger players in France’s squad adapt to the pressure of the finals.
“I’m not afraid of anything,” he added. “I’m very strong mentally. I have a lot of character. I never give in – I always have the drive to keep going and to work hard to achieve my goals.

chamroeun luis said...

Brazil's World Cup preparations is like a joke, says Parreira

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Brazilian former football manager Carlos Alberto Parreira has criticized the country's World Cup preparations as a "joke".

The critic from Carlos Alberto Parreira comes after this country has delayed the key infrastructure projects due to some problems of constructions.

"We have missed a great opportunity to show a different side of Brazil," said Parreira, now Brazil's technical director and a key member of Luiz Felipe Scolari's coaching staff, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya
"We wanted everything but we have only seen neglect. Look at the airports. There are going to be (construction) bid rounds starting in March, three months before the World Cup.
"It's a joke. We were awarded the World Cup seven years ago and only now we're calling tenders for the airports?"
However, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff has recently announced that her country will be ready for the world’s event.

chamroeun luis said...

Chelsea sign Salah from Basel

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Chelsea have completed a deal Mohamed Salah from Basel on a five-and-a-half-year deal.
Mohamed Salah, 21, who has been a linked a move at Brendan Rodgers' Liverpool, now has signed an agreement with Chelsea with £18 million.
The 21-year-old has become a key player as many clubs wants to sign him, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya
"I'm very happy to sign for such a big club. I hope I can make the Chelsea supporters happy," Mohamed Salah said.
Salah has scored 17 goals in 27 games for Egypt and may be in line to make his Chelsea bow when Jose Mourinho's side welcome West Ham to Stamford Bridge on Wednesday.

Eko Dinda said...

Milan Dekati Kasper Schmeichel

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari
agen bola
City Holiday - AC Milan dikabarkan akan melakukan pendekatan dengan pihak Leicester City untuk membuka peluang mendapatkan kiper asal Denmark, Kasper Schmeichel.
Berita yang diringkas
agen bola
City Holiday, Kontrak Schmeichel di King Power Stadium akan berakhir pada pengujung musim ini, dan belum ada kesepakatan apakah ia akan melanjutkan karirnya di sana atau tidak.
Kubu Rossoneri berminat mencari pengganti Christian Abbiati, dan Schmeichel dianggap sebagai sosok pemain yang cukup ideal, meski mereka harus bersaing dengan sejumlah klub Liga Primer Inggris.
Sumber :

Ratih Gema said...

Agen : Dortmund Inginkan Doumbia

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari
agen bola
City Holiday - Agen striker CSKA Moskwa Seydou Doumbia menyatakan, Borussia Dortmund tertarik mendatangkan kliennya.
Berita yang diringkas
agen bola
City Holiday, Dortmund diyakini sedang mencari striker baru menyusul akan hengkangnya Robert Lewandowski ke Bayern Munich pada akhir musim ini. Keinginan klub Jerman itu ternyata mendapat respon positif dari Doumbia.
Menurut agen Jean Bernard Beytrison, Doumbia tertarik bergabung ke Dortmund, meski kontraknya akan berakhir pada 2015.
"Seydou sudah mendengar minat Dortmund dan ia senang dengan itu," ujar Beytrison.
"Kalau ia meninggalkan CSKA Moskwa, maka ia akan memilih salah satu klub terbesar di dunia. Borussia Dortmund pastinya merupakan salah satunya. Kami senang membuka pembicaraan kalau mereka melakukan pendekatan."
Sumber :

Rima Mar said...

Mathieu Pulih Lebih Cepat

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari
agen bola
City Holiday - Pemain asal Prancis Jeremy Mathieu membuat kubu Valencia riang ketika sang pemain kembali berlatih bersama skuat utama lebih cepat dari perkiraan.
Berita yang diringkas
agen bola
City Holiday, Seperti yang diketahui, sebelumnya, pemain yang berposisi sebagai bek tengah itu terpaksa absen dari sesi latihan karena cedera lutut, yang membuatnya diperkirakan akan absen hingga bulan depan.
Namun, bagaimanapun juga, hasil tes mengungkapkan bahwa eks pemain Toulouse tersebut tidak mengalami cedera panjang dan karena itu ia diyakini akan bisa tampil ketika Los Che menghadapi Espanyol akhir pekan ini.
Tetapi, Valencia kemungkinan besar tidak akan diperkuat oleh Helder Postiga yang melewatkan sesi latihan pekan ini karena masalah pada punggungnya.
Sumber :

Rima Mar said...

Chelsea kini semakin percaya diri

Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 - Gary Cahill mengungkapkan bahwa Chelsea makin percaya diri setelah kemenangannya atas Newcastle United 3-0.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya - Kemenangan itu mengantarkan The Blues merebut puncak klasemen sementara dengan nilai 56 poin, usai Arsenal dikalahkan Liverpool 1-5 dan hasil seri tanpa gol Manchester City di markas Norwich City.

"Kami ingin menjaga momentum. Kami mendapat hasil bagus (di Manchester City) dan itu penting bagi kami untuk kembali ke jalur kemenangan di kandang sendiri," ucap Cahill.

"Aku pikir momentum bersama kami dengan mencoba memenangi sebanyak mungkin pertandingan. Jelas, tidak ada perasaan lain yang lebih baik daripada ini, sekarang ada banyak kepercayaan diri di sini dan kami harap bisa terus begitu." tutupnya.


Rima Mar said...

Di Natale mungkin bisa menunda pensiun

Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 - Antonio Di Natale hanya ingin menikmati sisa musim ini dan tidak memikirkan soal rencana pensiunnya akhir musim ini. Terbuka kemungkinan pula Toto akan mengubah rencananya untuk gantung sepatu.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya - Hal ini dikatakan Di Natale usai membawa Udinese menang tiga gol tanpa balas atas Chievo Verona, di mana pemain 35 tahun itu mencetak satu gol. Itu adalah gol keenamnya musim ini dari 20 penampilan.

Di Natale memang beberapa waktu lalu mengutarakan bahwa musim 2013/2014 adalah kali terakhirnya ia mengenakan seragam hitam-putih Udinese, dan ia pun akan menutup 18 tahun kariernya sebagai pesepakbola di akhir musim.

Harapan pelatih Guidolin serta Presiden Gampaolo Pozzo melihat Di Natale bermain lagi musim depan nyatanya masih terbuka, karena ada kans pemain kelahiran Naples itu menunda rencana gantung sepatunya.

"Saya hanya bersenang-senang saja selama tiga bulan dan lalu kita lihat setelahnya," ujar Di Natale.

Chanheng Mey said...

Klopp menantang Dortmund untuk bermain bagus

Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 - Juergen Klopp begitu gembira dengan kemenangan telak Borussia Dotmund di markas Werder Bremen tadi malam. Klopp menantang Dortmund mengulangi penampilan demikian di setiap laga.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya - Die Borussen membawa pulang tiga poin usai memetik kemenangan meyakinkan dengan skor akhir 5-1. Bagi Dortmund, ini merupakan kemenangan kedua beruntun setelah gagal menang dalam empat pertandingan sebelumnya. Kini mereka butuh menjaga konsistensi untuk berprestasi di akhir musim.

"Itu adalah sebuah pertandingan yang hebat dari tim saya. Itulah (penampilan) yang kami ingin lihat di setiap pekan dan mudah-mudahan akan melihatnya lagi. Kami kuat seperti seekor beruang ketika menekan balik dan tidak ada keluhan pada hal sekecil apapun," ucap Klopp.


Sen Blue said...

Jens Keller praised Fahrmann’s action after victory over Bayer

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Jens Keller, a head coach of Schalke, has praised his goalkeeper Ralf Fahrmann’s action after his side defeated Bayer Leverkusen 2-1.
Even Bayer Leverkusen controlled the ball in the high percentage, and they tried to score many times, Fahrmann marshalled Schalke's defence expertly.
Keller conceded after the game that his team failed to match Leverkusen early and gave all credit to Fahrmann for ensuring the hosts did not take the lead, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya
"We didn't start the game well," the head coach said.
"Leverkusen were the better team in the opening stages but we had a bit of luck on our side and a fantastic goalkeeper too, which is why we didn't fall behind."
"After we scored the opening goal we did really well for the rest of the first half and hardly gave anything away," he added.

Sen Blue said...

Lahm urges Bayern to prepare the clash against Arsenal

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Philipp Lahm, a captain of Bayern Munich, urges his side to be stronger ahead the clash with Arsenal.
Bayern Munich and Arsenal will meet again in the this year's round of 16, with the first leg taking place on Wednesday, but memories of how Arsene Wenger's men almost ended the Bundesliga outfit's European dreams at the same stage last term are still fresh for Lahm.
The Bavarians went on to lift the trophy, and Lahm has called for more focus this time around, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya
"That game is a warning sign to us. We had been very good in London, we thought nothing can happen to us in the return leg," the captain said.
He added, "All of a sudden you are 2-0 down and there are still some minutes to play. It shows that things can go really quickly in the Champions League. We will have that in the back of our minds."

chamroeun lampard said...

Zanetti membantah soal gabung dengan Chelsea

Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 - Pemain gaek Inter Milan Javier Zanetti belakangan santer diisukan akan bereuni dengan Jose Mourinho di Chelsea pada akhir musim. Namun, dengan tegas Zanetti membantahnya.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya - Media-media Inggris memberitakan bahwa Mourinho berminat memboyong pesepakbola berusia 40 tahun itu ke London sebagai pemain sekaligus pelatih Chelsea, setelah kontraknya di Inter habis di akhir musim.

"Jujur saja, aku memang memiliki hubungan yang sangat baik dengan Mourinho. Kami cukup sering berkomunikasi tapi kami tidak pernah membahas mengenai hal-hal itu. Aku percaya fans Inter tahu bagaimana perasaanku terhadap klub ini. Aku selalu menekankan bahwa klub ini adalah kehidupan dan rumahku. Dan itu hasratku untuk tinggal. Aku tidak perlu menambahkan apapun lagi," imbuh Zanetti.

chamroeun lampard said...

Balotelli rules out 10 days due to shoulder injury

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Mario Balotelli, a striker of Milan, will rule out for around 10 days because of his shoulder injury, the club announced.
Mario Balotelli, 23, was substituted 12 minutes from time in Milan's 1-0 UEFA Champions League defeat against Atletico Madrid on Wednesday,.
The club confirmed that the 23-year-old will miss the trip to Sampdoria on Sunday and faces a race against time to be fit to face leaders Juventus seven days later, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya
"AC Milan wishes to communicate that in yesterday evening's match, Mario Balotelli suffered a shoulder injury," the club’s statement said.
"The player visited with professor Alessandro Castagna today and recovery time has been estimated at around 10 days without unforeseen complications."
He added, "Mattia De Sciglio also suffered an ankle injury in yesterday’s match and the player's recovery time will be decided on in the coming days based on medical tests."

chamroeun lampard said...

Benitez praises Napoli’s defensive action

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Rafael Benitez, a coach of Napoli, has praised his club’s defensive work after their 0-0 draw at Swansea City in the UEFA Europa League.
Napoli went into Thursday's last 32 first leg encounter as favourites, but were somewhat lucky to come away from the Liberty Stadium.
A draw leaves the tie well balanced ahead of the return leg at Stadio San Paolo in a week's time and Benitez was "satisfied" with the clean sheet, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya
"I said beforehand it would be a difficult game, as the British game is more intense and fast-paced. We played well in the first half, but Swansea were pressing us well," Benitez said.
"The positives are that we did not concede a goal and the team worked well when defending."
"Of course there are risks. Swansea have quality, but we must attack and win. Swansea know that and will try to be dangerous on the counter-attack with the spaces we leave," he added.

Liverpool said...

Brunt says West Brom’s clash with Fulham is vital

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Chris Brunt, a captain of West Brom, has revealed that it will be their important match of the season when his side meet bottom club Fulham.
West Brom have not won a match since Pepe Mel took over from Steve Clarke in early January and Fulham are four points further back at the foot of the table.
Chris Brunt believes that a victory would be huge for both sides, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya
"It has been a while since we've had a game this important," Christ Brunt said.
"If we win, we can hopefully put a little bit of distance between ourselves and the other teams at the bottom. It would lift everyone, too - but Fulham will be saying the same thing."
He added, "It's a big game for them as well. They've just changed their manager so I'm sure they are going to be fighting for their lives."

Liverpool said...

Debuchy unsure about his future at Newcastle

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Mathieu Debuchy, a defender of Newcastle United, says he is in doubts about his future at the club while he is refusing to miss a move to PSG.
The 28-year-old, who has scored one goal in 23 Premier League appearances for Newcastle this season, is unlikely to stay at the club.
During the press conference, the defender has revealed that he won’t rule out a move to Paris Saint-Germain, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya
"PSG? I am here until the end of the season and for next year, I do not know," the 28-year-old said.
"This is a great loss for us so obviously I was sad but I'm happy for him because PSG is a great club."
He added, "I had the opportunity to talk a little with Yohan Cabaye and it is clear he is really happy there."

Eko Dinda said...

Abidal in doubt for match against Saint-Etienne, says Monaco coach

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Eric Abidal, a captain of Monaco, may not be able to Saturday's clash with Saint-Etienne due to his illness, says coach Claudio Ranieri.
Monaco will face their rival Saint-Etienne and the club is strongly desire to get victory for this match, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya
But, Eric Abidal is now has health problem, and he is in doubt whether can play during that match or not.
Monaco coach Claudio Ranieri believes that it will cause problems to the club if the captain will be absent because the opponent is not the simple club, as reported by Agen sbobet terpercaya
"It will be very hard for us. Saint-Etienne caused us many problems in the first game, I remember it very well," the coach said.
He added, "Saint-Etienne have very good players on the flanks and a very strong, in-form attacker."

Eko Dinda said...

Alen Halilovic decided to join Barca

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Alen Halilovic has announced that he has decided to join Barcelona after he has been linked to Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham from Dinamo Zagreb.

The 17-year-old has been touted as one of Europe’s brightest emerging talents with Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham all linked with a move over the last 18 months, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya

And now he is expected to initially join Barcelona's B side.

Earlier this week, Dinamo president Mirko Barisic revealed Barcelona were leading negotiations over a move for Halilovic, as reported by Agen sbobet terpercaya

"Executive chairman Zdravko Mamic is in contact with Barcelona representatives,” Barisic said.
"We at Dinamo want all parties to be satisfied with this transfer. "

He added, "Nobody has any guarantee when it comes to the first team of Barcelona. But surely he must safely play in the second [B] team."

Eko Dinda said...

Andre Villas-Boas’ dream is to coach Barca and Real Madrid

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Andre Villas-Boas, a former coach of Chelsea and Tottenham, has claimed that his main dream is to be a coach of either Barcelona or Real Madrid someday.

Villas-Boas' failures in England have not put him off coaching top clubs, however, and he was not shy about suggesting he could be in charge of either the Catalans or the Blancos in the future, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya
Villas-Boas said that Real Madrid and Barca are two of the best clubs in the world and he really wants to be a coach of these two clubs, as reported by Agen sbobet terpercaya

"Real Madrid and Barca are two of the best clubs in the world. One of them may have won more titles, but the other have made more of a mark in recent history - the legacy Pep Guardiola left is awe-inspiring," Villas-Boas said.

He added, "For me, as a young coach, it would be a dream to train either of them."

Rima Mar said...

Benitez praise Swansea manger Monk

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Rafael Benitez, a coach of Napoli, has praise his opponent Swansea City manager Garry Monk after a 3-1 win over Swansea on Thursday.

A 3-1 win over Swansea makes manager and fans feel satisfied because this victory is very important for Napoli to reach next step, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya

Even Napoli defeated Swansea City, but manager Rafael Benitez has praised manager Garry Monk, who comes as manager to replace Michael Laudrup's sacking, as a good manager.
He also believes that Monk will have a bright future, as reported by Agen sbobet terpercaya
"We are talking about a team which has played for a while in the system with the same ideas and the same style," the manager said.
"So I told my players before that, and they knew the way they wanted to play and when a team plays without too much pressure you can play at your level."
He added, "I think that's credit to him, as I said before the first game I think he has a great future ahead of him."

Rima Mar said...

Colback eyes on chance to stay at Sunderland

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Jack Colback, a central midfielder of Sunderland, has revealed that he is eager to sign a contract extension with the club, but he must be patient now while the talks is processing.
The central midfielder’s contract will expire at the end of the season, and he still looks for the chance to stay at this club while the talks still cannot be reached quickly, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya
Jack Colback will try to show his talent to find more score for the club ahead facing a League Cup final appearance against Manchester City this weekend.
He believes that Sunderland is the place which gives him the comfort improvement and he is happy to stay there, as reported by Agen sbobet terpercaya
"Talks are ongoing. It takes time and, with the position we've been in, it's been difficult at times because obviously the team is the focal point and comes to the forefront," the midfielder said.
He added, "It (agreeing a new contract) is something I've completely put to the back of my mind with the final coming up - I'm concentrating on that."

Ratih Gema said...

Fabregas says Barca’s players happy with Messi

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Cesc Fabregas , a winger of Barcelona, has revealed that all players in the club are very happy with Lionel Messi's contribution to the team and denies all reports claimed as club’s players’ unhappy with striker.

After a 3-1 La Liga defeat against Real Sociedad last weekend, some reports claimed that Messi has not escaped some harsh words either, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya

Messi has netted 14 goals in 18 La Liga appearances so far this term.
However, the winger shows that everybody at Barca is happy with the Argentine's hard work for the team and says the entire squad are hoping to make amends for losing their last match, as reported by Agen sbobet terpercaya

"If there’s any player that carries the weight of the team on his shoulders, it’s Leo Messi. If more has to be asked of him, then three times as much has to be asked of us," Fabregas said.

"It’s totally false that anything has been said against Leo. He looks very good to me. Leo has been the most consistent player in world football."

He added, "He isn’t happy about Saturday, because we’re all disappointed about it. But on Sunday we have another match and that’s where we have to seek a fresh new start."


Ratih Gema said...

Groningen talk with Ajax about Zivkovic’s future

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Groningen are continuing their talks with Ajax over the sale of Richairo Zivkovic, however, the agreement still have not been reached, says Groningen chief executive Hans Nijland.
Richairo Zivkovic, 17, has scored 5 goals in 20 appearances for Groningen in this season, as reported by Agen Judi terpercaya
Marc Overmars, a director of Ajax, has confirmed last week that his club are interesting the 17-year-old.
Now the two sides have discussed about Richairo Zivkovic’s future, but they still have not reach the agreement, as reported by Agen sbobet terpercaya
"Negotiations are ongoing, so I cannot say too much about them," Hans Nijland said.
"We wanted to extend his contract, but Richairo has shown to have ambitions. He wants to take a higher step. That's his right.
He added, "But there is certainly no green light yet. After the weekend, we will continue talking. The talks with Ajax have been very enjoyable."

chamroeun oscar said...

AirAsia resmi sponsori tim Caterham Moto2

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Tim debutan Caterham Moto2, yang menaungi Josh Herrin dan Johann Zarco telah resmi meluncurkan corak resmi sekaligus sponsor utamanya, AirAsia di Malaysia pada hari Rabu (5/3).
City Holiday. Terpercaya - AirAsia, seperti Caterham, merupakan milik konglomerat asal Malaysia, Tony Fernandes. Sejak kini, tim tersebut akan bernama AirAsia Caterham Moto Racing Team.
Selain mendukung Caterham Moto2, AirAsia juga mendukung tim Ongetta-AirAsia yang akan menaungi pebalap muda Malaysia, Zulfahmi Khairuddin di kelas Moto3.
Berikut pernyataan resmi sang pimpinan tim Caterham Moto2, Mia Sharizman :
Kejuaraan balap motor merupakan terobosan baru dari Caterham Group dan kami yakini sebagai proyek jangka panjang. Momen ini sangat menyenangkan dan saya sangat berterima kasih kepada AirAsia atas kesempatan yang diberikan.
Saya yakin kerjasama kami dengan AirAsia sebagai tim Moto2 merupakan langkah progresif dan kesempatan besar untuk mengembangkan pebalap Asia di bawah brand bertaraf dunia. Tim kami pun sangat bersemangat dan berharap bisa memberikan hasil terbaik.
Caterham Moto2 akan menjalani debut dengan warna merah dan putih pada corak motor mereka di uji coba pramusim Jerez, Spanyol, 11-13 Maret mendatang.

ravy sok said...

Mourinho : Inggris Bisa Juara Piala Dunia

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday - Bos Chelsea Jose Mourinho tidak meragukan bahwa Inggris mampu memenangkan Piala Dunia 2014.
City Holiday.Terpercaya - Pasukan Roy Hodgson telah diragukan oleh banyak orang untuk berjuang di turnamen musim panas ini di Brasil, mereka berada di grup sulit bersama Italia, Uruguay, dan Kosta Rika.
Tapi Mourinho , yang dirinya kini baru kembali bekerja di Inggris sejak tahun 2007, bersikeras bahwa juara dunia 1966 mampu berhasil di Amerika Selatan, mengingat pengalaman Liga Champions pada pemain dalam skuad.
Dia mengatakan kepada pers : "Inggris Semua orang mengatakan 'tidak, tidak, tidak, tidak, tidak' - Saya selalu mengatakan? 'Mengapa tidak' karena saya tidak mengerti mengapa tidak."
"Ketika saya melihat para pemain dan klub-klub di mana mereka bermain, saya tidak mengerti mengapa satu hari itu tidak bisa terjadi."
" Mereka tahu bagaimana bermain untuk klub-klub besar, mereka bermain di Liga Champions, yang mungkin sepak bola yang paling sulit di dunia, jadi saya tidak melihat mengapa mereka tidak menang. Maka suatu hari mereka harus melakukannya."

ry chard said...

Yaya Toure : "I never considered going to Real Madrid" agen bola terpercaya reported - Manchester City’s Yaya Toure has revealed that he would not join Real Madrid, and that it is Catalunya where his heart lies. "I'm a Barca fan and I do not plan on going to Real Madrid,” As reported by City Holiday. Ahead of the return leg of the Champions League last-16 tie at Camp Nou on March 12, Toure insisted he would not celebrate if he were to score against Barcelona, where he spent three years before joining Manchester City. He said: “I wouldn’t out of respect. The people there always supported me very much, I could not do it. I can only be thankful that in Barcelona I learned to win.” “It is normal that there was disappointment, but a winner has to get positive things," said Toure on the first leg defeat.” "If the opponent plays better, it should be said. Barca was better and obviously with that they won.” Source

chamroeun oscar said...

Dukungan Setia Suporter Jadi Motivasi MU Tampil Lebih Baik Lagi

Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Manchester - Manajer Manchester United David Moyes merasa mendapatkan dukungan yang besar dari suporter di tengah masa-masa sulit. Hal itu disebut Moyes bakal membuat The Red Devils bermain lebih baik.

Di bawah asuhan Moyes, MU boleh dibilang gagal total musim ini. Di ajang liga domestik mereka meraih hasil buruk, Wayne Rooney dkk. juga terancam tersingkir dari ajang Liga Champions.

MU menempati posisi tujuh klasemen dengan raihan 45 poin hasil dari 27 kali bermain. Sementara di babak Piala FA cuma menjejak di babak ketiga, dan Piala Liga Inggris sampai di semifinal.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Langkah MU di Liga Champions pun tengah di ujung tanduk sebab kalah 0-2 dari Olympiakos di leg I babak 16 besar.

Moyes yang kini sedang tertekan, merasa masih mendapatkan dukungan dari para suporter MU. Dia pun berujar bahwa hal itu bakal membuat tim besutannya bakal tampil lebih baik dan lebih baik lagi.

"Klub ini dibangun di atas basis suporter yang luar biasa di seluruh penjuru dunia tak hanya di Manchester, suporter Manchester United ada di mana-mana. Saya melihat itu saat saya pergi melakoni tur, dan lebih penting saya melihat itu di Old Trafford dengan dukungan yang luar biasa," kata Moyes.


chamroeun oscar said...

Eden Hazard Bisa Jadi Leonardo da Vinci di Sepakbola

Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –London - Nama Eden Hazard belakangan acapkali muncul ke permukaan seiring dengan performa okenya buat Chelsea musim ini. Suatu hari nanti ia pun diprediksi akan mampu jadi nomor satu di dunia sepakbola.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Seiring dengan bercokolnya Chelsea di puncak klasemen Premier League, Hazard layak dapat kredit cukup besar. Jika ditilik dari produktivitasnya saja, pemain internasional Belgia itu mampu menjadi topskorer The Blues di liga dengan 12 gol.

Torehan 12 gol Hazard tersebut juga menjadi seperempat dari total gol Chelsea di Premier League. Ia setidaknya dua kali lipat lebih tajam dibandingkan topskorer Chelsea berikutnya, yakni Oscar dan Samuel Eto'o yang sudah membuat 6 gol.

Selain bikin gol, pemain berusia 23 tahun yang acapkali beroperasi dari sisi sayap tersebut juga piawai bertindak sebagai kreator. Total 12 assist, juga yang terbanyak buat Chelsea, sudah dibuat Hazard di Premier League musim ini.

Tak pelak musim ini Hazard pun lekat dengan pujian. Salah satunya datang dari rekan satu timnya sendiri, yang menyebut ia punya kemampuan untuk jadi seperti seniman jenius multitalenta, Leonardo da Vinci, di dunia sepakbola.


chamroeun oscar said...

Garcia Puji Respons Roma

Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Roma - AS Roma kembali ke jalur positif, menyusul kemenangan atas Sampdoria di laga giornata 24 Serie A. Allenatore I Lupi Rudi Garcia pun memuji respons yang diberikan anak asuhnya.

'Serigala Ibukota' sukses memetik poin penuh saat menjamu Sampdoria di Stadion Olimpico, Senin (17/2/2014) dinihari WIB. Mattia Destro menjadi bintang di laga itu dengan menceploskan dua gol kepada tim lawan. Satu gol lain dibuat Miralem Pjanic.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Kemenangan itu membuat Roma mengoleksi nilai 54 terpaut empat poin dari Napoli (50) yang ada di urutan ketiga. Sedangkan Juventus tetap kokoh sebagai pemuncak klasemen dengan nilai 63. Namun, Roma masih menyisakan satu laga lebih banyak dibandingkan dua rivalnya tersebut.

Bagi Roma torehan positif itu sekaligus mengembalikan kepercayaan diri usai tersingkir dari Copa Italia setelah kalah dengan agregat 3-5 dari Napoli. Selain itu, di tengah-tengah dua pertemuan lawan Partenopei, Giallorossi juga harus puas dengan hasil 0-0 lawan rival sekota Lazio di ajang Serie A.


chamroeun mata said...

Goetze Ungkap Alasan Gabung Bayern

Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –London - Mario Goetze rela meninggalkan Borussia Dortmund demi bergabung klub "musuh besar" Bayern Munich di musim panas lalu. Apa alasan Goetze mantap menyeberang ke Bavaria?

Di Dortmund, Goetze jadi pemain bintang. Gelandang muda Jerman itu sempat membawa Die Borussenjuara Bundesliga dua kali beruntun dan DFB-Pokal sebelum melaju ke final Liga Champions pada musim lalu.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Namun, keputusan mengejutkan dibuat Goetze dengan mengumumkan akan bergabung Bayern mulai 2013-14. Hal itu membuat Goetze menerima tidak sedikit cemoohan dari pendukung fanatik Dortmund.

Di klub barunya, Goetze menerima persaingan yang lebih ketat. Akan tetapi, dia mulai membuktikan dengan kontribusinya berupa 10 gol dan sembilan assist dalam 26 penampilan di seluruh kompetisi.

"Aku bisa belajar dari banyak pemain di Bayern," ungkap Goetze.


chamroeun mata said...

Jese Simpan Hasrat Tampil di Piala Dunia

Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Getafe - Penyerang muda Real Madrid Jese unjuk gigi di musim ini. Jese berharap performa bagusnya bisa membawanya tampil di Piala Dunia 2014 pada musim panas nanti.

Pesepakbola berusia 20 tahun itu sudah mendulang delapan gol dan enam assist dalam 26 penampilannya di seluruh kompetisi. Satu gol terakhirnya tercipta dalam kemenangan 3-0 yang petik Madrid atas Getafe tadi malam.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Meski demikian, untuk merebut satu tempat di tim nasional Spanyol Jese sadar benar bahwa dirinya mendapatkan tantangan besar untuk bersaing dengan penyerang-penyerang seperti David Villa, Fernando Torres, Pedro Rodriguez ataupun Alvaro Negredo.

Namun sebelum memikirkan terlalu jauh, Jese hanya ingin mempertahankan tren bagusnya dalam membantu Madrid berprestasi di akhir musim.


chamroeun mata said...

Juve Dikabarkan Tertarik dengan Trio Pemain Madrid

Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Turin - Bursa transfer musim panas belumlah dibuka, namun Juventus dikabarkan sudah melakukan pengamatan terhadap pemain-pemain baru. Beberapa di antaranya berasal dari Real Madrid.

Dalam kabar yang dilansir oleh La Gazzetta dello Sport, Juventus disebut mengincar Angel Di Maria, Fabio Coentrao, dan Alvaro Morata. Ketiganya dinilai Juve bisa memperkuat tim mereka bersaing di Liga Champions.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Gazzetta juga menyebut, Direktur Olahraga Juventus Beppe Marotta juga sudah terbang ke Madrid untuk melihat langsung permainan ketiganya.

Oleh Antonio Conte, ketiganya disebut bakal cocok dengan pola yang akan dia terapkan. Conte dikabarkan akan mengganti pola Juve dari 3-5-2, seperti yang selama ini dimainkan, menjadi 4-2-3-1 atau 4-3-3.

Nama lain yang belakangan dikabarkan jadi bidikan Juve adalah Holger Badstuber. Namun, rumor ini langsung mendapatkan bantahan.


chamroeun luis said...

Juve: Itu Sebuah Kebanggaan

Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Turin - Paris Sanit-Germain terus dikait-kaitkan dengan Paul Pogba. Tak takut kehilangan pemainnya, kubu Juventus justru menilainya sebagai sebuah kebanggaan.

PSG dikabarkan tertarik untuk memboyong Pogba dari Juve. Les Parisiendisebut siap menggelontorkan dana hingga 70 juta euro untuk mendatangkan gelandang 20 tahun itu.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Pogba sendiri direkrut Juve dengan status bebas transfer dari Manchester United di bursa musim panas tahun 2012 lalu. Dia langsung tampil mengesankan dan sudah mengemas 13 gol dari 74 kali penampilan untukBianconeri di semua kompetisi sejak pertama kali bergabung.

Performa yang ditunjukkan oleh Pogba itu membuatnya dikabarkan menjadi incaran PSG. Namun kubu Juve tak khawatir dengan rumor itu dan melihatnya sebagai sebuah kehormatan.

"Minat PSG padanya, perhatian klub besar tidak boleh membuat Anda takut, tapi itu adalah sumber kebanggaan. Anda harus tenang," sahut Presiden Juve Andrea Agnelli

chamroeun luis said...

Kemenangan Tandai Laga ke-100 Conte sebagai Pelatih Juve di Serie A

Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Turin - Antonio Conte sudah menjalani 100 pertandingan di Serie A sebagai pelatih bersama Juventus. Capaian itu ditandai Conte dengan kemenangan atas Chievo.

Conte ditunjuk untuk menangani Juve sejak awal musim 2011/2012. Dalam dua musim terakhir, Conte mengantar Bianconeri memenangi scudetto.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Pertandingan melawan Chievo di Serie A giornata 24, Minggu (16/2/2014) malam WIB, menjadi laga ke-100 Conte di Serie A sebagai pelatih Juve. Di laga itu, Fernando Llorente dkk. memetik kemenangan 3-1.

Statistik Conte dalam 100 laga di Serie A bersama Juve cukup impresif.Allenatore berusia 44 tahun itu mencatat 70 kemenangan, 24 hasil imbang, dan enam kekalahan.

Kemenangan atas Chievo mengokohkan posisi Juve di puncak klasemen sekaligus menjaga La Vecchia Signora di jalur juara untuk tiga musim secara beruntun. Juve kini memimpin klasemen dengan 63 poin, unggul sembilan angka dari Roma yang ada di posisi dua dan masih menyimpan satu pertandingan.


chamroeun luis said...

Ketika Sturridge Bantu Fabianski Ikat Tali Sepatu

Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –London - Tindakan Daniel Sturridge ketika Liverpool bertemu Arsenal di Piala FA semalam patut mendapatkan pujian. Tanpa diminta, dia membantu seorang pemain lawan untuk mengikat tali sepatu yang lepas.

Saat itu, pertandingan babak kelima Piala FA di Emirates Stadium, memasuki menit-menit terakhir. Liverpool dalam situasi tertinggal 1-2 dari tim tuan rumah.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Ketika Liverpool sedang berusaha mati-matian untuk mencetak gol penyama, pertandingan sempat terhenti sejenak gara-gara tali sepatu kiper Arsenal Lukasz Fabianski lepas. Suporter The Reds mungkin akan sebal melihat kejadian ini dan menganggap Fabianski cuma buang-buang waktu.

Tapi, Sturridge menunjukkan sikap yang jauh lebih dewasa dan sportif. Dia tidak marah-marah atau menuduh Fabianski sedang berusaha mengulur waktu.

Sebaliknya, Sturridge langsung berlutut dan membantu Fabianski mengikat tali sepatunya. Penyerang timnas Inggris itu tahu bahwa Fabianski harus lebih dulu melepas sarung tangan untuk mengikat tali sepatu sendiri. Ini tentu akan memakan waktu lebih lama.


loy man said...

Drogba Tak Akan Selebrasi Bila Cetak Gol Saat Melawan Chelsea Nanti

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday – Mengaku sangat senang bisa kembali ke Stamford Bridge dan bertemu dengan teman-temannya, Drogba mempertimbangkan untuk tak melakukan selebrasi bila mencetak gol.
City Holiday Terpercaya - "Dengan segala hormat pada (klub) Chelsea dan pendukungnya, apabila saya mencetak gol, mungkin saya tak akan melakukan selebrasi, tapi saya akan sangat senang bila Galatasaray menang," ujar striker Pantai Gading ini dalam konferensi pers.
"Saya tak perlu membuktikan apa-apa lagi pada Chelsea. Saya datang dengan tim yang berbeda dan saya ingin lolos. Tak ada masalah pribadi dengan Chelsea." lanjutnya lagi.
Menurut Drogba Chelsea adalah lawan yang sulit tapi ia akan mencari cara untuk bisa menunjukkan kemampuannya.

Dada vinada said...

Usai Dibantai Barca, Pelatih Osasuna Ajak Bangkit

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday – Osasuna saat melawat ke Camp Nou harus menerima kenyataan pahit kebobolan tujuh gol tanpa balas. Bintang Barca Lionel Messi bahkan bisa mencetak hat-trick pada pertandingan tersebut.
City Holiday Terpercaya - Akibat kekalahan ini Osasuna berada di peringkat 15 di klasemen La Liga dan mereka hanya terpaut tiga poin saja dari zona degradasi.
"Kami sudah melakukan yang terbaik dan saya tidak ingin hasil ini semakin melemahkan tim pada laga selanjutnya. Kami berusaha bermain bagus namun secara fisik, teknik dan taktik Barca lebih superior," ujar Garcia.

Ga lucita said...

Drogba Akan Kembali Nanti ke Chelsea Sebagai Pelatih

Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday – Penyerang asal Pantai Gading, Didier Drogba, mengatakan dirinya bakal kembali ke Chelsea suatu saat nanti. Bukan sebagai pemain, namun sebagai pelatih.
City Holiday Terpercaya - Niatan Drogba kembali ke Chelsea sebagai pelatih sendiri terungkap setelah seorang jurnalis Daily Telegraph, Henry Winter, bertanya kepada mantan penyerang Marseille itu apakah ia akan kembali ke Stamford Bridge sebagai seorang pelatih suatu saat nanti.
"Tentu saja. Tapi tak sekarang. Saya masih ingin bermain sepakbola," jawab Drogba seperti dilansir Give Me Sport.
Drogba, yang saat ini berusia 36 tahun, masih dalam kondisi prima untuk bermain di level Eropa. Bahkan, ia menjadi salah satu pemain kunci di skuat Galatasaray yang kini diasuh Roberto Mancini. Ia juga akan memimpin rekan-rekannya bertandang ke markas The Blues di leg kedua babak 16 besar Liga Champions pada tengah pekan ini.

SenBlue said...

Mourinho pleased with Chelsea’s victory over Arsenal

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Jose Mourinho, a manager of Chelsea, has revealed that he is pleased with his side’s great performance after their 6-0 win over Arsenal.
It was the great result for Chelsea as they could net until 6 scores in the match against Arsenal because Arsenal are also considered as one of the strong clubs in the world, as reported by Agen judi terpercaya
During the match, Samuel Eto'o and Andre Schurrle were the heroes for Chelsea in scoring the goal.
Jose Mourinho says that his side are in a very good performance and believes they can keep their great effort to the way for crowning champions, as reported by Agen sbobet terpercaya

"I was so happy with the approach, we came to kill and in 10 minutes we destroyed them,"
Jose Mourinho said.
He added, "We got the result with some numbers which are special for our fans, which makes it even more beautiful."

SenBlue said...

Aguero Dipastikan Absen di Derby Manchester

Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Manchester - Setelah Robin van Persie dipastikan absen memperkuat Manchester United di Derby Manchester, Manchester City pun mengonfirmasi tidak akan bisa menurunkan Sergio Aguero dalam laga tersebut.

Aguero mengalami cedera saat City didepak Barcelona di babak 16 besar Liga Champions pekan lalu. Penyerang berkebangsaan Argentina itu mengalami cedera hamstring.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Meski Derby Manchester baru akan digelar 25 Maret mendatang, Manuel Pellegrini memastikan kalau pemainnya itu tidak belum akan bisa diturunkan. Aguero ditargetkan baru akan kembali merumput pada 29 Maret saat The Citizens berhadapan dengan Arsenal.

"Saya tidak berpikir (akan bisa dimainkan) sepanjang pekan ini, mungkin dia akhir pekan setelahnya dia bisa bergabung dengan skuat untuk mulai berlatih. Laga dengan MU? Tidak, dia tak punya kesempatan untuk itu," sahut Pellegrini.

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SenBlue said...

Arsenal Bertekad Cleansheet di Stamford Bridge

Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –London - Arsenal bertekad untuk tak kebobolan kala bertandang ke Chelsea di laga akhir pekan ini. Wojciech Szczesny menilai itu bisa memberikan kesempatan yang sangat bagus untuk menang.

Arsenal akan melawat ke Stamford Bridge, Sabtu (22/3/2014) malam WIB nanti di lanjutan Liga Inggris. Laga dipastikan bakal berjalan ketat mengingat keduanya merupakan rival langsung dalam perebutan gelar musim ini.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Chelsea sementara memuncaki klasemen dengan nilai 66 dari 30 pertandingan. Adapun Arsenal ada di urutan ketiga tertinggal empat poin namun baru bermain 29 kali, jumlah yang sama dengan Liverpool di posisi dua. Satu tim lain yang ikut memburu titel adalah Manchester City di pos keempat dengan koleksi 60 poin dari 27 partai.

Untuk laga nanti, The Gunners bertekad melanjutkan catatan cleansheet saat bertandang ke Tottenham Hotspur akhir pekan kemarin, di mana mereka menang 1-0 lewat gol cepat Tomas Rosicky. Szczesny meyakini pertahanan solid bisa memberikan mereka tiga poin krusial.

"Jika Anda bisa tak kebobolan, itu memberikan diri Anda kesempatan terbaik untuk memenangi laga. Seperti yang Anda lihat di Tottenham, ketika sebuah sepakan bagus di menit-menit awal bisa menentukan pertandingan," katanya di situs resmi Arsenal.

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worldjonh said...

Arteta: Arsenal Fantastis!

Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 – London - Gelandang Arsenal Mikel Arteta menyebut timnya bermain fantastis kala menang 4-1 atas Sunderland. Ia juga bangga dengan respons yang ditunjukkan The Gunners usai kekalahan di Liga Champions.

Menjamu Sunderland di Emirates Stadium, Arsenal menang telak 4-1. Secara keseluruhan, anak-anak asuh Arsene Wenger mendominasi pertandingan malam tadi.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Tuan rumah menguasai 65% penguasaan bola berbanding 35% milik Sunderland. Tim London utara itu melepaskan 12 tembakan dengan sembilan tepat sasaran, sementara tim tamu punya tujuh upaya dan hanya tiga yang mengarah ke gawang.

Tak hanya meraih tiga poin yang berharga untuk menjaga mereka tetap bersaing ketat dalam perburuan titel, kemenangan ini juga jadi momentum positif usai kalah 0-2 dari Bayern Munich di Liga Champions tengah pekan kemarin. Arteta berharap laju dan performa impresif di laga malam tadi bisa dipertahankan.

"Kami bermain sangat baik. Sejumlah gol yang kami ciptakan juga benar-benar bagus dan kami meraih tiga poin yang penting untuk terus melaju," tuturnya di situs resmi klub.

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RedJuly said...

Atletico Siap Ambil Keuntungan dari El Clasico

Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Madrid - Real Madrid dan Barcelona akan saling berhadapan di La Liga akhir pekan ini. Atletico Madrid pun tak akan menyia-nyiakan kesempatan untuk mengambil keuntungan dari hasil El Clasico itu.

Ketiga tim itu saat ini bersaing ketat di papan atas klasemen La Liga. Madrid memimpin dengan 70 poin, diikuti Atletico yang punya 67 poin dan Barca yang mengumpulkan 66 poin.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Di jornada 29 akhir pekan ini, Madrid dan Barca akan saling berhadapan di Santiago Bernabeu, Senin (24/3/2014) dinihari WIB. Sementara Atletico akan melawat ke markas Real Betis, Minggu (23/3/2014) malam WIB.

Atletico bertekad meraup poin penuh dari lawatannya ke markas Betis yang baru saja disingkirkan Sevilla di ajang Liga Europa itu. Tambahan tiga poin dari laga ini bisa membawa Atletico menempel Madrid atau makin menjauh dari Barca.

"Jika kami menang di Sevilla, hasil apapun akan bagus. Barcelona akan memainkan trik terakhir mereka untuk menjegal Madrid. Hasil apapun akan berguna untuk Atletico," ujar kapten Atletico, Gabi di situs resmi klub.

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RedJuly said...

Chelsea Pesta Enam Gol Tanpa Balas Lawan 10 Pemain Arsenal

Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –London - Chelsea tampil dominan ketika bertemu Arsenal yang harus mengakhiri laga dengan 10 orang dan kalah lewat skor telak 0-6.

Pada laga yang dihelat di Stamford Bridge, Sabtu (22/3/2014) malam WIB, Chelsea sudah unggul cepat ketika laga berjalan tujuh menit lewat Samuel Eto'o dan Andre Schuerrle.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Kartu merah untuk Kieran Gibbs membuat Arsenal kian menderita karena gol-gol tambahan Chelsea hadir lewat penalti Eden Hazard dan Oscar.

Di babak kedua The Blues menambah dua gol lagi lewat Oscar dan Mohamed Salah.

Tambahan tiga poin ini membuat pasukan Jose Mourinho kokoh di puncak klasemen dengan 69 poin dari 31 laga, unggul tujuh angka dari Liverpool yang baru berlaga beberapa saat lagi melawan Cardiff City serta sembilan angka dari Manchester City yang punya empat pertandingan sisa.

Sementara The Gunners arahan Arsene Wenger kian tertahan di posisi ketiga klasemen dengan 62 poin, sama dengan milik Liverpool tapi kalah selisih gol.

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ravy sok said...

Newcastle’s fans not happy with players

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Davide Santon has apologised to Newcastle United fans for Saturday's poor show at Southampton and backed their right to be frustrated. The 4-0 defeat at St Mary's Stadium was Newcastle third loss in four games, and sections of the travelling support took their anger out on the players as they booed them after the match.
Santon had no complaints over the fans' reaction towards the players, and insists they maintain the desire to end the season strongly. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya
He said: "I understand the fans' reaction at the end. I went over to say thank you, as I always do, and they booed – but I understand because they deserve more from us, and they are right. We looked like we played with no passion and we just want the season to finish.’’ as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya
Manager Alan Pardew criticised a lack of effort from his side and reiterated the need to improve his squad for next season.
He said: "Some (players) didn't turn up. Collectively we have to take responsibility for that. People are going to criticise us and we're going to have to accept that.’’

ravy sok said...

River wins Boca 2-1

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Juan Roman Riquelme struck a stunning free-kick but Boca Juniors still lost 2-1 to arch-rivals River Plate in the Superclasico. River's victory took them to 17 points in fourth in the Argentina Primera Division.
River Plate hit the front through Manuel Lanzini just before the hour-mark on Sunday at La Bombonera but Riquelme's pin-point free-kick 10 minutes later sent the home fans into ecstasy as the hosts looked set to stretch their unbeaten run in the Superclasico to five games. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya
But with four minutes remaining, Ramiro Funes Mori headed a corner into the net, silencing the home crowd and giving River their first competitive win over Boca since 2010.
In Buenos Aires, River survived a first-half barrage from Boca with Marcelo Barovero making several good saves for the visitors. The home side were left to rue their first-half misses 13 minutes after the break when Lanzini burst onto Teofilo Gutierrez's pass and finished past Agustin Orion. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya
But Boca struck back in the 68th minute with Riquelme's direct free-kick curling over the wall and into the net off the underside of the bar as Barovero looked on.

ravy sok said...

Rodgers: still some strong teams to compete though on top of the table

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is adamant his side is still dark horses for the Premier League title, despite going to the top of the table.
A 4-0 demolition of Tottenham at Anfield took Liverpool into top spot after Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal all dropped points the day before. With Liverpool still to play City and Chelsea at home, their chance of ending a 24-year wait for a title success is still in their hands. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya
Rodgers said: "There are some great teams up there and world class managers so we understand it's going to be difficult, but we just do what we can do and see where it takes us. There is no doubt they (City and Chelsea) understand this is going to be a real tough place to come. We love playing here.’’ as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya
He added: "We respect Chelsea, they have a world class manager, top players, the squad has been put together over the last 10 years to win the Champions League and Premier League and City are one of the new superpowers in European football.’’

worldjonh said...

zane wants a good place in A-League finals series

Agen Bola terpercaya reported, Newcastle Jets caretaker coach Clayton Zane has urged his deflated side to pick themselves up quickly and fight for a coveted spot in the A-League finals series.
The seventh-placed Jets missed a chance to leapfrog Sydney FC on the A-League table as two minutes of madness against Perth Glory at nib Stadium on Sunday cost them dearly. Glory scored in the 84th and 85th minutes to steal the three points from Newcastle's grasp and dent the Jets' hopes of qualifying for their first finals series since 2010. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya
Zane conceded his team had to win both remaining matches against Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United to have any chance of finishing inside the top six. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya
Zane said "We're looking at four (points) minimum, but I think you need six (points) to make the six and one thing that's positive is we've got two home matches and we've won our last two at home"
He added “I hope we can put in two very solid performances in front of the home fans and really give the top six a shake"

worldjonh said...

Campagnaro Waspadai Daya Juang Bianconeri

Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Turin - Inter Milan bakal melawat ke markas Juventus dinihari nanti. Bek Inter Hugo Campagnaro memprediksi laga itu tak akan mudah karena tuan rumah selalu bisa menunjukkan semangat pantang menyerah.

Inter berbekal penampilan kurang meyakinkan pada laga tandang ke Juventus Stadium. Tim besutan Walter Mazzarri itu tak pernah menang dalam empat laga terakhirnya.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Sebaliknya, Juve mempunyai jejak rekam positif di kandang sendiri pada 19 laga terakhir. Anak asuh Antonio Conte belum pernah kalah di markas. Mereka juga belum tersentuh kekalahan pada 13 laga terakhir di liga.

Juve tersandung saat menghadapi AS Roma di perempatfinal Coppa Italia. menghadapi Lazio berakhir seri. Torehan Juve sedikit ternoda dengan kalah dari AS Roma 0-1 pada perempatfinal Coppa Italia.


worldjonh said...

Fiorentina Kalah di Kandang Cagliari

Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Cagliari - Fiorentina menelan kekalahan 0-1 ketika melawat ke markas Cagliari. Di partai lain Udinese menang 2-0 di kandang Bologna.

Dalam laga di Stadio San Elia, sebuah kesalahan antisipasi dari kiper Norberto Murara Neto nyaris bikin Cagliari memimpin di awal-awal laga. Untung buat Fiorentina, Neto masih mampu bereaksi dengan sigap untuk menahan sepakan Mauricio Pinilla walaupun sebelumnya gagal mengamankan umpan silang Nicola Murru dengan baik.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Satu-satunya gol dalam pertandingan ini lalu lahir enam menit sebelum turun minum dari titik putih, berawal dari tekel Facundo Roncaglia terhadap Marco Sau di kotak terlarang.

Pelanggaran itu membuat wasit langsung memberikan tendangan penalti untuk Cagliari. Pinilla maju jadi algojo dan menuntaskan tugas dengan sempurna.

Di sisa waktu pertandingan, Fiorentina tidak kuasa memberikan respons walaupun unggul penguasaan bola 62% berbanding 38% dari Cagliari, seperti catatan ESPN.


worldjonh said...

Hari Sempurna buat Valencia

Berita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 –Barcelona - Valencia berhasil memetik kemenangan keduanya di La Liga pada tahun 2014 dengan cara istimewa: mengalahkan Barcelona yang sebelumnya melaju sempurna di kandangnya sendiri.

Laju Valencia di awal tahun 2014 ini tak dapat dikatakan bagus-bagus amat. Selain baru menang satu kali, atas Levante pada 4 Januari, tim berjuluk El Che itu juga sudah harus terdepak dari Copa del Rey usai berimbang dan kalah dari Atletico Madrid dalam pertemuan dua leg di bulan Januari.

Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Akan tetapi, Valencia kemudian menunjukkan bahwa mereka tak dapat dikesampingkan begitu saja. Dijamu Barca di Camp Nou, tim tamu keluar sebagai pemenang dengan skor 3-2.

Valencia bisa kian bangga mengingat kemenangan tandang tersebut menghentikan catatan 100% Barca di kandangnya sendiri, setelah meraih 10 kemenangan di Camp Nou, dan menjadi kekalahan kandang pertama El Barca di La Liga musim ini.

"Ini merupakan sebuah hari yang sempurna. Anda harus gembira jika bisa menang di tempat seperti ini," ceplos gelandang Valencia Dani Parejo.