Monday, October 27, 2008

Grizzlies Roundtable Discussion

On Friday October 24th two of the writers at 3 Shades of Blue met with local media personalities Chris Herrington (the Memphis Flyer and writer of Beyond the Arc), Eli Savoie (radio personality at WHBQ Sports Talk radio), Chris Vernon (730am Fox Sports radio personality) and Geoff Calkins (Memphis Commercial Appeal Sports Columnist). The discussion covered current topics about the Grizzlies, expectations for this season and the future. It was a fascinating hour long conversation and I hope everyone enjoys listening to it.

Memphis Grizzlies Media Roundtable

As this is 3 Shades of Blue's first attempt at Podcasting is has not been without some difficulty to get this to work. Usually we just transpose the conversations into print but the length of this makes that impractical at this time. I apologize to our foreign readers for any difficulty you have in understanding what was said.


Jon said...

Nice work!


korea said...

Good job,I very much enjoyed that!

vladan_stegnjaic_ said...

Whoever said Darko plain sucks is unfortunately an idiot. You don't think he redirected traffic last year against players that drove?

I like Marc Gasol but I think if he was put in the same situation that Darko was in last year, he would have gotten dunked on many times and it would be a basic lay-up line for the other team due to his slow rotation.

Some of you give Darko too little credit sometimes, yes I admit I give him some etra credit often but you're making it seem as if he is like Brian Cardinal

Danny said...

Pleaseeee Brian Cardinal was always known to have HEART not talent and at least The Cardinal does not have the tendencies of a red-headded stepchild.

Errol said...

Interesting discussion.

There were a few eyebrow raising comments about OJ Mayo and his perceived lack of athleticism and inability to sell tickets, ect. I'm not sure what was up with that.

I'm excited about OUR team. I know that the fan base has shrunk because of some bad management decisions, but I'm still a fan and will be at games this year.

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